Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday To My Baby Bear!!!

Today is my baby Bear's third birthday!! It seems like just yesterday when we picked him out and I named him Bear. I'm so in love with this pup. He will always be my baby. He is growing up too fast. This post is dedicated to my best friend, my snuggle bug, my happiness, my love, and my life! Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Bear!!!

The day we brought him home.

Here is the birthday boy today!! 

He grew way too fast! Enjoy every moment!


  1. He is so cute. Dogs are our best friends. Happy Birthday to him.

    There is still time for you to E-Mail me a Birthday Outfit for my BDay Blog Party by this Saturday. I will run the post on Sunday May 5th. My EMail is I would love to have you there Pretty Amy, since I love your style. Thanks, Ada. =)

  2. AWWW happy birthday to him! Dogs are amazing! I love the photo of him licking your face! And that sweater he is wearing .. adorable! xo

  3. cutest dog ever! happy happy bday! 3 years old, wahoo!

  4. he is so cute! i want to be on that boat right now!

  5. Aren't our dogs the best? I mean they the only ones who are so happy to see us no matter what. I love all these pictures! Bear is so sweet looking and cute! I like his little sweater and bandanna you have on him :) HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BEAR!