Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Engagement Story!

Memorial Day Weekend was a weekend I will never forget!!!!!!! I got engaged!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! I will share with you how it all went down.....everyone was so sneaky!

Colin told me he was going up to his family's lake on Friday and that he would come to my family's lake house for the day on Sunday. I left after school to go to my parents house, so we could all go to the lake together. Colin text'd me earlier saying he was on his way to his lake. When we got there, we picked up nan, my aunt, and my uncle to go to the local Fish Fry dinner (lake tradition on Friday nights). We ate and then when we left my uncle wanted to check out a part of the lake he hasn't seen in awhile. I was like oh man I wanted to go back to the house to play with all of the dogs. Oh well, so we went to this part of the lake that my uncle used to fish in and my mom would have picnics there when they were kids. It was starting to get cold outside, so as we are standing there looking around and listening to their stories I was like FREEZING. Ha! We finally got back in the car and drove back to the lake house. When we got there, my mom asked me to help her carry the bags in. Of course I said yes, and we walked in the house and up the stairs to the room we were staying in. When we got up there, the lights were off and I saw something dark on the floor....immediately I freaked out and thought one of the dogs had gone #2 on the carpet. My mom turned on the lights and it was rose petals leading all the way to our door. I looked at my mom and she looked at me and said GO. I opened the door to our room and candles were everywhere, rose petals everywhere, our song was playing, and there was a pink note on the bed. As I was reading it and crying, I knew I was getting engaged at that moment. At the bottom of the note it read "Please come out back." I walked down the stairs and realized all of the blinds were closed over all of the windows toward the lake. This was like a dream. I opened the sliding door and there was a white "red carpet" with rose petals leading off the deck and I look down the yard towards the dock and millions of candles and rose petals lined a path all the way to the dock. On the dock there were more roses and candles and a pink "red carpet" leading to the boat wear Colin stood waiting for me looking all handsome in a pink shirt. I couldn't walk down that path fast enough as I'm sniffing back the tears. I walked out onto the dock, I stepped onto the boat. and Colin got down on one knee and proposed. It was the best moment of my life!!!! My family came out clapping and hugging us and the neighbors were clapping. My step dad took pictures of the entire thing. My whole family was in on everything and they did such a good job keeping it from me. We celebrated the whole night and drank champagne. It was so special.

Afterwards my family was telling me how Colin was hiding in the closet and his car was in the back garage when we came to pick them up for dinner. They made us go to that special part of the lake for so long, making me freeze because they had to stall (Colin was still setting everything up). There were so many clues, but the last thing in my head would be that I would get engaged that night. Ha!!! It was perfect!!!!! I loved having my family there to celebrate with us!

 Chevron top from Jane app similar to this for $13.21.
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 My sparkly and gorgeous ring!

I can't wait to marry this sweet man of mine!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Goodwill Dress

The past two weekends have been full of celebrating and spending time with my girls. Last weekend, we celebrated my friend Whitney's 25th Birthday with a surprise party her husband put together. She was so surprised, it brought tears to her eyes. This weekend we celebrated another one of my friends at her Baby Shower. She is having a baby girl in July!!!

At the Baby Shower, I wore this bright yellow dress I found at Goodwill! I love it and I got a lot of compliments on it.

Multi Color Necklace from Kohl's similar to this for $14.40.
Yellow Lace Dress from Goodwill similar to this for $59.95.
Brown Flats from Payless similar to these for $24.99.

Love these girls!!!!! <3

Have a great week everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!!!!

Image result for national teacher day

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!!!!
We are so lucky to do what we do!!!

Today, I'm featuring TUXE Bodywear! Let me tell you teachers or working ladies out there, these shirts are absolutely amazing and so comfortable! How many of you worry about bending over all day long with your little students and your shirt becomes untucked or your pants go a little too low? I KNOW I DO! TUXE Bodywear prevents this from EVER happening. They are classy bodysuits that are so comfortable and you never have to worry about bending over. 

They not only have professional bodysuits, but they have more casual ones too. I got the chambray style one called the Maven. It's so versatile for the classroom during the day and a nice dinner out in the evening. I love it!!!

Go to TUXE Bodywear and use promo code ClassyInATUXE today for a discount!

I feel extremely classy and sophisticated in this bodysuit!

The Maven Bodysuit from TUXE Bodywear for $100. 
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They can be layered too! :)

Thank you to all the teachers out there! I appreciate every single one of you!!!!!
I love my job and finding the perfect clothes for the job! These TUXE Bodysuits are perfect for teaching little ones all day long!!! I can't wait to order another one! Remember to use promo code ClassyInATuxe for a discount!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Full Skirt...I'm In Love!

Who else is obsessed with the app called Jane? It has tons of amazing things from all different boutiques on SUPER Sale!!! You get the best deals and they have some of the best stuff! For example, this skirt....I got it in two different colors because I'm so obsessed with it! The thing about Jane is, if you love you have to buy it right away because they sell out fast because the deals are so good! :)

There is just something about these full pleated skirts that makes me feel classy, a little old fashioned, and princess like when I spin. I'm obsessed!!! I want a million in every color!! The fabric is thicker, which makes it fuller and good quality.

 Polka Dot Sweater from Forever 21 similar to this for $22.90.
Black Patent Leather Belt from Forever 21 similar to this for $26.83.
Coral Full Skirt from Simply Sage Market for $26.99.
Black Wedge Shoes from TJ Maxx similar to these for $39.95.

Last week was Bear's birthday and we celebrated his birthday in my classroom, even though Bear wasn't there. The kids loved singing to him on our SmartBoard and enjoying a pupcake birthday treat that I made. YUM!

Happy Monday!!!!!!!