Monday, June 30, 2014

SLANT Box Reveal!

The SLANT Box Exchange

I should have posted this last week, but I'm posting it now! At least I'm posting it! Ha! This was my second time Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers (SLANT). It's such an amazing thing because it honestly is like meeting your best friends who you have so much in common with and sending them gifts like it's Christmas. It's just a little way of showing amazing teachers our appreciation. The month of May, I met two fabulous teachers. The theme of the SLANT box was everything is personalized. Everything they like you include it in the SLANT box and at least one thing had to have their monogram on it. The person I sent love to was Arielle from Technically Librarian. We both share a love for technology! I loved getting to know her and picking things out for her and for her classroom. The Library Diva, Tula is the wonderful teacher who sent me love in the month of May. Let me tell you, she knows me too well. We love a lot of the same things. Just look at the things she got me!!!!! My jaw dropped at how perfect everything was!!!

I'm obsessed!!!! I've already used this bag when I went to the lake and when I nanny my two sweet girls! It's perfect!! She did an awesome job and everything goes together so well. Thank you Tula!!!!

If you want to sign up for a SLANT box keep checking Lessons With Coffee blog at the end or beginning of each month.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pink and Polka Dots!

I can't believe it's almost the 4th of July already! SLOW DOWN SUMMER! I have been having so much fun with the girls I nanny. We have been swimming, going to parks, playing outside, renting movies on rainy days, doing crafts, etc. Today it was raining on and off the whole day, so I brought a Disney's Frozen Scavenger Hunt for them to do. They had a blast! They are ALWAYS singing all of the songs in the movie, so I knew they would have fun with it. All of the clues are lyrics to songs from the movie. They knew them all and they were sprinting from clue to clue. They wanted to do it again and again. I found the Scavenger Hunt here!!!

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago at a Professional Development lead by Tim Rasinski. He was fabulous and I learned so much! It was a very beneficial workshop!

Polka Dot Denim Jacket from JC Penny for $24.99.
Pale Blue Top from TJ Maxx similar to this for $14.80.
Pink Capri from American Eagle similar to these for $49.95.
Brown Flats from Payless similar to these for $16.99.

I'm going to Texas next week for the 4th of July and a few extra days! I'm so excited to spend time with my brothers and my dad! Do you have any fun plans for the 4th of July??

Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Fun!

This past weekend, Colin and I went to Lake Erie with some friends. We hung out on the beaches, went fishing, went on a boat ride, and water ski'd. I'm not the best at water skiing, but Colin loves it. I captured a few pictures from him skiing. We had so much fun and got some serious tan lines! As we drove up there it was so cloudy, but it turned into a beautiful day!

Striped Tank from Tommy Hilfiger Outlet similar to this for $24.94
Gold Necklace from Kohl's for $15.60.
Reversible belt from Kohl's similar to this for $15.60.
Khaki Shorts from Tommy Hilfiger Outlet similar to these for $11.50. 
Gold Tassle Sperry Flats fro TJ Maxx found here for $35.

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lake Girl!

It's officially Summer time because almost every weekend so far has been spent at the lake. Our lake is in Indiana, but it's only 2 hours away. It's a drive I could do in my sleep by now because of all of the trips I've made there and back growing up. My grandparents have had a place at the lake even before I was born. My mom remembers growing up there. We are just lake people. It's probably part of the reason I love nautical anything. My mom and grandma are the same way. They love all things nautical or red, white, and blue. :)

 Yellow layered necklace from Amazon similar to this for $17.99.
Chambray from Kohl's similar to this for $11.97.
Brown reversible belt from Kohl's similar to this for $26.
Yellow short from J. Crew Factory similar to these for $14.80.
Brown Flats from Payless similar to these for $16.99.

 Bear loves the Lake too!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! 
Do you have a lake that you like to go to?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Catch Up: Part 2

One of my best friends got married!!! Her colors were bright pink and bright yellow! It was the perfect colors for her and for a summer wedding. Everyone had so much fun at her wedding. It went so smoothly and the reception was a blast! Of course tears were shed before and during the wedding. I've known this beautiful bride since 3rd grade! She is a wonderful person and friend.

This is what I wore to the Rehearsal Dinner:

 Navy Scalloped Romper from TJ Maxx similar to this for $37.
Coral Necklace from Off The Racks Boutique for $14.99.
Colorful Flats from Payless for $14.
I just love this picture with my Baby Bear and the back of my romper <3

High School Besties

The morning of her wedding day we had to be at the hair salon at 7am for our hair appointments. Let's just say I consumed a lot of Diet Coke that morning..I'm not a coffee person, but the other girls had lots of coffee. Ha! You always need a good button up when you get your hair done, so you don't have to ruin your hair when you change into your dress. I absolutely love this pineapple button down from Target!!!

 Pineapple Button Down from Target for $22.99.
Yellow Belt from Amazon for $7.75.
Green Shorts from J. Crew Factory similar to these for $19.94.
Brown Flats from Payless similar to these for $16.99.

 I LOVED the old fashioned look of my hair!! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Catch Up: Part 1

I'm going to try and catch you up this week on what has been happening in my crazy and busy life. It is finally calming down...kind of. Today, starts the first day of my summer job, which I LOVE! I'm a nanny again to the same sweet girls I was a nanny for last summer. We had a blast last summer and I can't wait to spend another fun summer with them.

First, I want to tell you about our last week of school. I went on a Field Trip with the 3rd graders to a place called Imagination Station. It's an awesome place that is full of fun science things for kids. They loved it and I had so much fun there too. I remember going there on a field trip when I was in 4th grade. They have this thing called "The Crooked House". You go in and the house is so crooked your body looks like it's at an angle because it's tilted so much you almost fall. I actually fell in the crooked house and cut my knee when I was in 4th grade. I've hated that thing ever since, so I let my students go in, but I passed on that. Ha!

We also had Field Day for the students. It looked like so much fun I wanted to join. I ended up doing the three legged race with a girl who didn't have a partner. It was a blast!

The last day of school was bittersweet because I knew the fifth graders wouldn't be at our school anymore, but I knew all of the students were excited for summer vacation.

I had to show my school spirit and wear blue and gold on the last day of school!!

Striped Dress from Target for $29.99.
Yellow Belt from Amazon for $7.75.
White Sandals from TJ Maxx similar to these for $7.66.

Here are my gifts to the students! I have quite a few students and this seemed like a cheap, but still cute idea!

Wally was so sweet and got me roses and a card to congratulate me on finishing my first year of teaching. He's a keeper!!

I hope you all enjoyed the last day of school with your students!! I also hope you are enjoying the start of your summer!!