Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday To My Baby Bear!!!

Today is my baby Bear's third birthday!! It seems like just yesterday when we picked him out and I named him Bear. I'm so in love with this pup. He will always be my baby. He is growing up too fast. This post is dedicated to my best friend, my snuggle bug, my happiness, my love, and my life! Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Bear!!!

The day we brought him home.

Here is the birthday boy today!! 

He grew way too fast! Enjoy every moment!

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Bachelorette Celebration!

Last week I got over my cold and then Thursday morning it came back in FULL force! I was miserable! I had a bachelorette party to go to during the weekend that I didn't want to miss. I'm the type of person that even if I'm sick I won't miss out on things. When I told the girls I might not make it they were like "WOW!! You must really be feeling sick". Well, Friday afternoon came around and I felt a little better, so of course I decided to go! I'm so glad I didn't miss out on the fantastic weekend I had celebrating the bride to be, Whitney! We went to The Funny Bone Comedy Club on Friday night. I think our cheeks hurt so bad from laughing when we left. Saturday, we took Whit on a scavenger hunt/trip down memory lane. The very last destination she opened a letter that her future hubby wrote to her. She read it out loud and we all had tears running down our faces. It was too sweet. Then, we dressed in our nautical outfits and we went to a couple of fun bars where Whit was serenaded and they dedicated songs to her. Here are some great photos from the amazing weekend!

They called her up on stage and made her take a shot! Haha! 

The hysterical comedian! He came out dancing to a girlie song with his shirt off! We lost it! Haha!

Scavenger hunt!

The gorgeous bachelorette and I!

The fabulous Mrs. who made the entire weekend perfect for Whit!

Before hopping in the cabs!

Blowing the hottie whistle for Jack Daniel!

The singer who dedicated every song to the bachelorette party! Ha! He loved us!

Being serenaded to at the Piano Bar.

Here is what I wore:

 Anchor top from TJ Maxx (this year) similar to this for $10.70.
White Waist Belt from TJ Maxx (old) similar to this for $8.06!
Red Puplum Skirt from Kohls (this year) for $6!!!! Similar to this for $11.80!
Gold Sandals from TJ Maxx (two years ago) similar to these for $8.80!

My fabulous giveaway bracelet from Stilettos and Sequins!!! 
Red Polka Dot Bracelet/No bump hair band from Oh Buoy Boston 4 for $8!
Navy and Gold Watch from Kohls (last year) similar to this cute one for $7.23!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guest Posting at Stilettos and Sequins!!

Today, I'm guest posting at Stilettos & Sequins! Go on over to Dhruvi's beautiful blog and check it out! 

Flower Headband from Loft Outlet (last year) similar to this for $8.50!
Floral Tie Back Top from Loft Outlet (last year) similar to this for $23.00!
Mint Polka Dot Pants from Forever 21 (NOW) for $24.80!
Gray Flats from Delias (old) similar to these for $17.97!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Rest of The School Year!

This week was the first week of the rest of the school year for me!! I'm subbing the rest of the year in a first grade classroom for a teacher who is having a baby. I got the text Monday morning that she had had her baby! The students were so excited!!! Even though this class is a bit of a challenge, I absolutely love it!! The staff are all sooooo nice!! Today, I got a key to the classroom and to the school (every substitute's DREAM)!!! I also, got an official Staff badge that all of the teachers wear!!! I was so happy and excited!! I feel pretty official now!  :)

This is what I wore yesterday when it was 75 degrees. Today, it's snowing and raining...and it's almost May! Unreal!

Striped sweater from Forever 21 (2 years ago) similar to this for $22.80.
Simply Vera Wang Capri Pants from Kohls (last year) similar to these for $36!!
Coral Sling Back Flats from TJ Maxx (NOW) similar to these for $14.99!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Interviews In Mind

We are getting closer to the end of the school year and being a substitute who wants to become a teacher, I'm trying to look more professional to work, so schools can see me and notice me as a good candidate if they have a job opening. Also, I have been filling out many job applications lately, so it makes me think of what I would wear for an interview. I've been looking at interview outfits on Pinterest and browsing through my closet for some good ideas. I would love to get some advice from my lovely fashionista blogging friends, what would you wear to an interview? I'd love to get some great ideas from all of you!!

Pink Bubble Necklace from Amazon (NOW) for $9.50!!
Royal Blouse from TJ Maxx (last year) similar here for $19.80!
Black and White Tweed Blazer from Forever 21 (last year) similar to this for $34.99
Silver Skinny Belt from Forever 21 similar to this for $12.99!
Dark Gray High-Waisted Trousers from Forever 21 (few years ago) similar here for $28!!
Herringbone Low Heel from TJ Maxx (this year) similar to these for $19.49!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fresh New Look!!

So...I told you I was thinking about cutting my hair...well I did!!! I got 6 inches cut off!! I was SUPER nervous that I would regret it, but I'm loving it so far! My ponytail is so cute now!! Haha! Wally didn't think I would do it and he's not a big fan of change, but he actually loved it. I was shocked! He said I look more sophisticated and that it's beautiful (I love him). He also got a hair cut, so we both are freshly groomed. Haha! It's great not having to take breaks when drying my hair now (I got so hot!). I'm loving my new Spring/Summer look! I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Before and After

 Tribal Teardrop Earrings from Forever 21 (last year) similar to these for $8.95!
Deep Red Blouse with Lace from Forever 21 (last year) similar to this for $19.80.
White Pants from Forever 21 (last year) similar to these for $22.80.
Amazingly comfy Navy Wedges from TJ Maxx (this year) similar to these for $35.50.
Oh Buoy Boston bangle and bracelets!

I'm obsessing over my new Oh Buoy Boston purchases to go with my giveaway bracelet!! I definitely recommend you check out Oh Buoy Boston on Etsy or check out their blog here!! Thank you Lindsey and Amanda!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beautiful Day Ending In Storms

This constant weather change has caused me to have a terrible cold this week. I lost my voice this weekend and thankfully it was back for teaching on Monday. Then, it turned into constantly blowing my nose and coughing with terrible sinus headaches. I ended up taking the day off today to rest, but also to fill out teaching applications ('s that time of year again). I have been too exhausted to blog this week. I definitely needed this day to rest up and I feel so much better already, the reason I'm back and blogging. It got into the 80's today and it was sunny!! Can you believe it?? But wait. As I'm typing, the sky is getting darker and darker though, which means big storms are on their way. Booo...I thought we were done with this rainy weather! 

Tomorrow is Friday! TGIF! I'm getting my hair cut and colored! I love love love getting my hair cut and colored. I've thought a lot this week about getting a few inches cut off my hair for the Spring/Summer. I have been growing out my hair for SO long, I'm in need of a change. Do you ever get that way about your hair? I feel like every two or so years I have to try something different with my hair, whether it's a different color or a different cut.  I am pretty nervous about cutting my hair, but I just keep thinking it's just hair it will grow back. Haha. I might chicken out. We'll see! Have a wonderful Friday everybody!! I know I will (getting pampered at the hair salon)! 

Teal beaded necklace from Forever 21 (old) similar to this for $6.80!
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Jessica Simpson Teal and Camel Flats from TJ Maxx (NOW) for $19.99!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Flood = Rain Boots!

I spoke to soon when I was saying the weather was amazing and warm here earlier in the week. We have been having tons and tons of rain and cold temperatures ever since!!! That's just my luck! Haha! My city is known for it's terribly tragic floods. You might have seen it on the news this year or last year or in 2007 when we had the biggest flood of all in Findlay. Thankfully, my neighborhood is in the highest part of Findlay, so no damage. We had a two hour delay yesterday because so many roads were shut down due to flooding. It's still raining! I needed to get out my rain boots! I am not a big fan of rain boots even though they have some really cute ones. I got a pair in college because I can't stand it when the bottom of my pants get wet and walking around campus when it was raining was awful without these boots!!! I wasn't going to spend a lot on them either because I knew they would go through lots of rain and mud. Many teachers this week had their rain boots on too! You can dress them up and you can dress them down! They really are worth every penny when the bottom of your pants are still dry after you walked through massive puddles and pouring rain.

 Cheetah Umbrella from Kohls (old) similar to this for $11.14! By the way I love this one because it's so small I can just put it in my teach bag and keep it there for the days I have to walk kids out to their cars or buses!
Cheetah Scarf from Forever 21 (old) similar to this for $18.
Blue Peplum Sweater from TJ Maxx (last year) similar to this for $19.99!
Gray Skinny Pants from H&M (last year) similar to these for $27.99.
Blue Striped Rain Boots from TJ Maxx (old) similar to these for $31.29!

Pink Headband from Walmart 6-pack for $7.12!!
Blue Patagonia (My go-to comfort pullover) $94.
Basic Pink Top from Forever 21 for $9.80!
Skinny Jeans from Forever 21 (this year) for $10.80
Rain Boots from TJ Maxx (old) similar to these for $32.99.

Please keep the flood victims of Findlay, OH in your prayers.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Welcome, Warm Weather!!!

Today the weather was beautiful again!! It reached the 80s!!! Yay!! You would have thought I was a God or something when I told the students they didn't have to wear coats outside! Haha!! I think I was as happy as they were about it!! I was so thankful that the school I was at had THREE recesses for their 1st graders, so I was able to go outside and enjoy this weather!! I have waited so long for this weather so I can wear sandals, no coat, and I won't have to wear tights anymore!!! I hope this weather lasts. I've been singing in my head all day, "Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me..." Happy Spring everybody! I hope your weather is as good as mine!

Multi Color Floral Necklace from Amazon (NOW) for $17.99
Navy Gingham Button Down from Forever 21 (NOW) for $15.80!
Coral Skirt from Kohl's (NOW) for $29.99
Nude Low Heel from TJ Maxx (this year) similar to these for $29.99! By the way, these low heels are perfect for teaching! They feel like flats! I love them! I got them for a wedding I'm in this summer and I knew I'd wear them more than just for the wedding (Score!)!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Classy and Casual

I was looking at my schedule today and realized, I only have one day without a sub job for the rest of the school year!!! I'm one busy lady!! It's kind of a relief and I'm so happy that I am that busy!! The end of the year crept up TOO fast!! I tutor every Monday evenings and today the 4th grader told me next Monday is our last time for the rest of the year (she is involved in dance and musicals during May). I was like oh my goodness, where did the time go? By the way, it was in the 70s today!!! FINALLY!!! I had my windows rolled down and my radio cranked up. I was one happy girl driving home! This outfit is what I actually wore to my step-dad's birthday dinner yesterday! I felt comfy, but very classy with the colors and pearl details. What are your favorite classy and casual outfits?

Nine West Cat Eye Sunglasses from TJ Maxx (last year) similar to these for $9.94!!
Black and Cream with Pearl Details Blouse from TJ Maxx (this year) similar to this for $22.80.
Blush Cardigan with Sequined Bow Detail from Forever 21 (old) similar to this on SALE for $14.99!!
Cream Eyelet Clutch/Crossbody Bag from a small outlet store (this year) similar to this one for $31.99.
Miss Me Straight Leg Jeans from Buckle (2 years ago) similar to these for $99
Silver Braided Sandals from Guess (few years ago) similar to these for $18.90!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Best Friend's Bridal Shower!!

Today was my best friend's Bridal Shower!! I have been SO busy this week planning and getting everything ready for this special day, just for her (and her groom came too)! We had perfect weather today for this, so I actually could wear a dress without tights!!!! I thought it was a miracle, until I realized how pale my legs are! They haven't seen the light of day in MONTHS!!! Haha! I prepared fun games, cute prizes for the winners, and favors for all of the guests! It was a classy celebration!

What I Wore:

Does anyone else LOVE dresses that twirl?? 
Mint and Pale Pink Earrings from Forever 21 (NOW) for $4.80!!
Mint Pleated Dress from TJ Maxx (this year) similar to this for $29.80.
Jean Jacket with Lace Embellishments from TJ Maxx (NOW) similar to this for $29.80.
Gray Flats from Delias (old) similar to these for $29.94.

Bridal Shower Games! I had fun making the games that included the Bride and the Groom!

Click HERE to download it!

Click HERE to download it!

The Bride and her Groom!! This was everyone's FAVORITE game!! Click HERE to download it!

The Prizes and Favors!!!

Mix Modge Podge and Glitter together. Paint it on in a few coats. Let it dry. SO EASY!! They were a big hit!! Some people took two home! Haha! Good thing I made extras!

The "Date Night Jar"! Everyone wrote a date night idea on a popsicle stick with a colored Sharpie and stuck  it in the fun, polka dotted jar I found at Hobby Lobby! This way, after they are married they will have a ton of fun date night ideas, so they never get bored!!! I found this idea from Pinterest!!

 The stunning bride and myself!! By the way, her dress is from Amazon!! 
Can you believe it? Gorgeous, right!!

Some of my favorite and very lovely ladies!!! 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying beautiful, warm weather like we have!!! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Half Day!!

I have a half day today!! It was definitely needed because I was exhausted by 10am yesterday at school. I'm still on Spring Break time. Haha! I like having a half day every once in awhile! It allows me to get things done, catch up on my TV shows, and most of all spend more time with my baby Bear!!!!!! He loves the extra snuggle time!! Usually schools have the doors locked during school hours, so on half days I'm that stranger pounding on the door hoping someone will let me in. That is one of the worst parts about being a sub is trying to get in the schools because most of them are locked and you need a key to get in, which all the teachers do but what are the substitutes supposed to do. I'm all for safety of schools, but there needs to be some way substitutes can get in that is easier! Some schools are even locked in the morning, which is a pain because it's like which door should I try to get in today. Or I just sit there and stalk teachers who pull in the parking lot, so I can walk in with them (I hate doing that because I feel like such a creep). Also, after the tragedy of Sandy Hook I would be nervous to let a stranger in the school. You never know who you can trust these days. Good thing most schools know who I am by now, but every once in awhile I get the "Can I help you?". Do or did your schools lock their doors all of the time? Haha! That's the end of my babbling. I'm sorry!! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! We are half-way through! Yay!!

I'm obsessed with this new blouse I got!!!
Striped Blouse from Forever 21 (NOW) also comes in pink and white for $15.80!!
Black Skinny Pants from Forever 21 (last year) similar to these for $19.80
Black Flats from Kohl's (2 years ago) these are super cute for $22.80!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Back To Reality..

Well, Spring Break is officially over and I enjoyed every minute of it!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Mine was pretty low key, but I enjoyed being with my family. Watching all the excitement of the little ones makes me look forward to having kids of my own someday and spoiling them during every single holiday!!! I loved when the Easter Bunny hid our baskets and we had to find them when I was little! I love all the childhood traditions!! The sun has been out for the past few days and I am loving it! Even though its pretty cold, I love me some sunshine!

Lately, I have been preparing and crafting away for my best friend's bridal shower this weekend (MOH Duties)!! I will post pictures of all the things I've made and created after the shower! I'm pretty proud of myself!! Have a wonderful week everyone!! Back to work and back to reality! My principal in school when I was younger said the same thing every single morning and I love it! It still sticks in my head even to this day.
"Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!"

Layered Gold and Pearl Necklace from Forever 21 (old) similar to this for $6.80!!
Deep Red with Lace Blouse from Forever 21 (last year) similar to this for $19.80!
Brown Waist Belt similar to this one for $8.06!!
Navy Polka Dot Skirt from Target (this year) similar to this for $18!!
Cream Flower Flats from TJ Maxx (this year) similar to these for $22.50.