Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Patriotic Teacher Outfit

Labor Day weekend is coming up, so I thought this was a perfect outfit for this week! I love any chance I can get, to wear my patriotic earrings! 

I'm ready to start sharing fall outfits, but it's still just too hot here in Ohio. The mornings and nights have been cooler, so we start the day off with a denim jacket or cardigan and then end up in tank tops or short sleeves by the end of the school day. 
•Blue ruffle dress from TJ Maxx similar to this cute dress here for $40.99.
Patriotic earrings from Amazon for $11.99.
•Nude Sandals similar here for $17.99.

This dress is SO comfortable and has POCKETS!!!
It's definitely bump friendly too!

I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!!! Do you have any fun plans??? 

Monday, August 28, 2023

Hot Pink Flowy Dress

It was a hot and humid week last week, so french braids and flowy dress were a MUST!!!
I wore this outfit on the hottest day last week and I was so comfortable and didn't melt. Thank goodness for flowy dresses! I also wore this dress pregnant, so it's definitely bump friendly.
These earrings were pretty popular with the students and so light weight!!! I LOVE them!

•Talulah Dress similar here for $34.99.
Flower Earrings from Amazon for $8.99.
•Sparkle Sneakers from Talulah similar to these for $44.99.

This week has really cooled down and we have cooler temperatures. It feels like fall may be on the way. 
Scarlett had a rough first week of preschool with lots of tears, so I'm hoping for a better week this week for her. She was really excited about her outfit this morning. She's a fashion lover like her mama! 🩷
Have a wonderful week!!

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Classic Outfit

Tomorrow is FRI-YAY!!! It's my favorite day of the week and it means I've made it through week one of this school year with my new first graders. Woo hoo!

It's been extremely hot this week at school, but thankfully when we take a morning recess it's still a little cool and breezy. I'm going to miss the summer weather when it leaves, so I'm not complaining! 

This outfit makes me feel so chic and like I should be in Paris or something. It's just a classic outfit that anyone could put together with things you have in your closet! 

NUUDS Bodysuit for $48
•Black trouser from TJ Maxx similar here for $30
•Black Sandals from TJ Maxx identical pair here for $19
•Gold Hoop earrings from Talulah similar here for $13.95.

Overall, it's been a great week back to school and my class is amazing! 
The girls have struggled waking up early each day this week. They have been exhausted especially because my oldest took a nap and my middle child said she wanted to stay in bed all day. Haha! They are definitely ready for the weekend to catch up on some sleep! 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school!! This is my 11th year teaching, but my 10th year teaching first grade!! My team all got these matching shirts from Jane to wear today. 

My feelings on the first day are always the same! I'm always nervous and excited! Ever since I was a little girl, I would always feel that way about the first day of school. I'll never forget my first day of college. I had an 8:00 AM class and I woke up early and wore a cute outfit. Everyone knows to try and avoid an 8:00 AM class in college at all costs! While I was walking to class, someone stopped me and said "You look way too excited for an 8:00 AM class". Lol! 

Shirt from Jane for $19.99, similar here for $19.99.
Kensie Jeans from TJ Maxx, my FAVORITE brand!
Colorful sneakers from Vici for $34!

I hope everyone has a wonderful first day of school whether it is today, next week, or it already happened! 🩷

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Yellow Makes Me Happy

This dress just makes me feel happy because of the color!!! Maybe because it's the color of the sunshine and the sunshine makes me happy!
 I've worn this dress for quite a few occasions. I've worn it with a jean jacket and sneakers in the spring and in the summer, this is how I wear it! 
Everyone needs a yellow dress in their closet because not only does it make me happy while wearing it, I feel like it makes the people and students around me happy too! I know when I see someone in a yellow outfit it makes me want to smile and it also makes me think "I love and need that outfit!" 
•Headband is from TJ Maxx similar here for $16.99.
•Yellow dress from Talulah similar here for $38.99.
Espedrille Sandals from Amazon for $35.74.

The girls and I enjoyed our last day of summer at the pool yesterday, we went to my niece's last T-ball game, and we got ice cream! It was a great day!!

I hope the sun is shining where you live today and you have the best day ever!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Clearance Dress

I got this dress on clearance the other day! I knew it would be perfect for the classroom and very comfortable! Being a teacher of younger students, I am constantly up and down all day long, so I usually wear biker shorts under my dresses. You never know...and if it's windy at recess you want to be comfortable!!! If you are a teacher, do you wear shorts under your dresses?
•Dress from TJ Maxx similar one here for $43.20.
•Black Sandal from TJ Maxx similar here for $29.99.

We have "Meet the Teacher" night on Thursday, so I've been busy in my classroom getting it all ready this week. It's getting closer, but I still have a lot to do. I keep reminding myself that it will get done, so I don't stress too much about it. It always does!

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Overalls Outfit for Teachers

This outfit is another one that will be a good transition to Fall outfit with the neutral tones. It's also that AMAZING bodysuit again!! Do you wear overalls in the classroom? Do you wear jumpsuits in the classroom? We are already short on time for going to the bathroom! I've worn overalls, but I haven't worn a jumpsuit yet. Of course I think about wearing things that are easy to go to the bathroom in when at school, but I think jumpsuits are so cute!!! 
Nuuds Bodysuit (worth the splurge) for $48
Black Denim Overalls from Old Navy for $45.49
•Nude Sandals from TJ Maxx or similar here for $39.99

This outfit makes me want to buy all of the overalls, because it's such a cute and easy outfit not just for teaching, but for so many activities. You could throw a plaid shacket over it with sneakers and go to the pumpkin patch! I could wear a team hat with sneakers for a Game Day too! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!! Are you thinking about fall yet?? I think going back to school always prepares me for the fall. 

Monday, August 7, 2023

Easy Outfit to Recreate!

We are getting ready to head to the lake later this week for one last trip before school starts. My grandma lives on the lake, so it's an added bonus that we get to enjoy the lake every time we visit her!! My mom grew up going there, I grew up going there and now I get to share it with my girls! They absolutely LOVE going to the lake and it's only about 2 hours from our house. We are enjoying every last minute of summer!

Here is another easy graphic tee outfit that you could recreate with any skirt and graphic tee paired with sneakers!!! I just got this skirt this summer because I knew I would wear it a ton of ways in the classroom! I could wear a sweater with a front tuck into the fall. You could also wear a plaid shirt tied around the waist if its chilly in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. 
•"Teach" Graphic Tee from Pink Lilly for $28.
Ribbed Midi Skirt from Amazon for $34
Sneakers from Walmart for $22.98

I hope everyone has a wonderful and productive Monday!!! I'm going to take the girls to the library today! They love to pick out new books each week! 

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Bodysuit Outfit

Is there one thing you feel like you can splurge on? For me, I definitely will splurge on a bodysuit if it can actually smooth out all of the imperfections and make me feel the way I do in this one. This bodysuit is so comfortable and makes this Mama of three feel SO confident. I've been wearing it on repeat this summer!!! I've worn it with white overalls and with jean shorts. This is how I will wear it when we go back to school. It was definitely worth the price with how often I wear it! I already have ideas on how to wear it into the fall too! 
Midi Skirt from Amazon for $35.99
•Black sandals from TJ Maxx similar here for $21.60

This skirt also goes with everything! I've worn it with many different graphic tees, which is my favorite way to style a midi skirt. In the fall, you can wear a denim jacket over it with some sneakers. 
I always think about all of the ways I can style and wear things when I buy clothes. This bodysuit and midi skirt are both so versatile and go with so much and can be styled so many ways! They both are closet staples for me!
What are your closet staples right now that you've been wearing on repeat this summer?