About Me

Hello everyone!! I'm Amy and I'm so excited to start this blogging journey with all of you! I'm a small town girl (Findlay, OH to be exact) with a love for educating young minds and fashion! I am a graduate from Bowling Green State University (GO FALCONS!) and that is where I learned my passion for teaching. I'm currently a First Grade Teacher and I'm loving every minute of it. First Grade has always been my dream job, so I'm living my dream! I have also been a Title One Reading and Technology teacher, which I also loved.

I am married to the most amazing man who is my biggest supporter! I am also a mama to three beautiful girls, Sophia, Scarlett, and Sutton. My family is EVERYTHING to me!

I wanted to start this blog to show that, even when you spend an entire day on your feet teaching 20-28 little kids, you still can look beautiful! I'm not going to lie, I love to wear my leggings and relax on the weekends, but I really look forward to finding the latest styles and having a reason to dress up! Being a teacher (not making much $$), I shop for the deals and I aim for comfort! I hope everyone finds my blog to be helpful! Thank you and enjoy! :)


  1. I found you through a Goodwillista comment. I have been wondering if anyone had a teacher fashion blog. Choosing modest and classy clothing can be a challenge! Love you blog:) I can't wait to see what you post!

    My Teacher Friend

    1. Thank you so much! That means so much to me! I'm excited to get your feedback :)

  2. First blog I'm following, couldn't resist... I love it!

  3. I just discovered your blog through Pinterest. I love your style and since I am not very style savvy, I may just borrow several of your ideas. Thank you for posting where you find all your items. I'm a teacher and mother of five...soon to be six (in 10 days) and I always feel better when I take the time to dress up. Your blog will help me be able to do that!

  4. I recently found your blog through Pinterest and have pinned some of your outfits. Really cute! I just read about you, and we have some similarities. My daughter goes to the University of Findlay. I graduated from BG many years ago and have been a teacher for nearly 23 years. Good luck to you in beginning your teaching career!

  5. Just found your blog through Pinterest! You have some great ideas for how us teachers can dress for cheap. Thanks so much!

  6. I recently found your blog and it is super cute! I went to BG, too! :) I'm a new follower.
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

    1. Go falcons!!! I'm following you back! I'm teaching first grade for the first time this coming year! :)

  7. Hey just found your blog(thank you Pinterest)! We have a lot in common, I am a Reading Specialist and I love implementing technology in the classroom. I also vowed to NEVER become a frumpy teacher, lol. My colleagues often tease me about being so fashionable in the classroom, but I would have it no other way! Can't wait to read your posts!

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    1. Found your blog through Pinterest too! I love all of your outfits, you do a great job of putting together inexpensive pieces. I'm inspired!

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  10. Beautiful blog ! Love your style !

  11. Hello! I found you through a Pinterest pin of one of your outfits. I just started a blog similar to yours and I'm inspired by all of your creativity! You have super cute style and take awesome pictures!