Sunday, September 24, 2023

Classroom to Soccer Field

My oldest daughter plays soccer. This is her second season and she really enjoys it. This season she is on the same team as her cousin. It's so cute to watch them cheer each other on. They are the luckiest to have each other.

These outfits work for the classroom and then to the soccer field. I'm a huge fan of the tennis skorts. They are cute and comfortable. I bought this tennis dress off Amazon and love it because the shorts underneath are separate. They have it in a ton of colors too! I feel like I might get it in another color next summer. 
Teach Shirt from Pink Lily for $28.
Tennis Skort from TJ Maxx similar here for $19.79.
Puma Hightops from TJ Maxx exact ones here for $66.30. 

I would add the hat and jacket after school. I LOVE my hats! I also wore this dress with a denim jacket a couple of weeks ago to school.
Mama Hat from Kenz Kustomz for $30.
Tennis Dress from Amazon for $29.99.
Wind Breaker from TJ Maxx (came as a set with athletic shorts) similar jacket here for $37.99.
Black and White Reebok shoes from TJ Maxx similar here for $71.18.

I hope you all are having an amazing first weekend of fall!! We have spent a lot of time outside! What have you been doing?

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Polka Dot Sweater

This weekend we went to a Train concert with my husband's work! We had the absolute BEST time!! My husband and I don't get out much, so it was definitely a special evening! We talked about it the rest of the weekend. We went with our favorite people, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. The concert was amazing!!! 
This was my outfit and I actually can't wait to wear this outfit to school too! I LOVED it!
Polka Dot Sweater from Vici for $15!
Black ribbed knit skirt from Amazon for $34.90.
Pink and White Pumas from TJ Maxx similar here for $66.49.

You know I love any outfit with a pop of pink!! 🩷

I hope you all are having a great week so far! Spirit week is always one of my favorite weeks! I have loved coming up with outfits for all of the themes! I might share some at the end of the week. Tomorrow is Western Wednesday! 

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Cargo Jogger Outfit!

I just found these cargo joggers at TJ Maxx and they are amazing! They are extremely comfortable! I ended up buying an olive color too. They fit so well. They aren't high waisted, which is totally my jam but they are so so comfortable. This gray color matches everything too. I just wore them with a yellow top this week. 
Denim Jacket from Old Navy similar here for $44.99 with an extra 30% off.
White essential tee from Talulah for $28.
Cargo Joggers from TJ Maxx similar to these for $29.99.
Puma Sneakers from TJ Maxx similar here for $69.50.

This week is spirit week at my school for our school's homecoming. I actually LOVE all of the themes this week! Today, is "Merry Monday", so you wear your favorite holiday outfit. Christmas is my favorite, so that's what I will be wearing! 

Have a great Monday everyone!! 

First Day for the girls!

Sophia finally had her first day of kindergarten this week, so this is a post for Letty and Sophia's first days of school outfits. They felt so confident in their new outfits!! Sparkle in Pink always has outfits that they LOVE!!!!
Sophia is my rainbow, unicorn, art lover! Letty is my girly girl who loves all the dresses and accessories! 
Scarlett's back to school outfits for preschool:
Bow from Amazon for pack of 30 for $13.99.
•Pencil Dress from Sparkle in Pink sold out.
Shoes from Famous Footwear for $33.74.

Bow from Amazon 30 pack for 13.99.
•Back to School apple outfit from Sparkle in Pink sold out.

Sophia's back to school outfits for Kindergarten:
Crayon bows from Sparkle in Pink for $6.99
School Supply outfit from Sparkle in Pink sold out.
Crayon Sneaker for $27.99.
•Get your Cray-On outfit from Sparkle in Pink sold out.
Crayon Sneaker for $27.99.

Sophia had a great first week! She was exhausted, but is absolutely loving it!
Scarlett is still having a hard time, but her teacher said on Friday she was really coming out of her shell and starting to be social with some of the other kids. It makes me SO happy. I just wish she would stop crying every day when I leave. My Mama heart hurts every single time. 

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Olive Dress

This week started all of the busy things! I had a meeting every single morning, my oldest started soccer and Sophia and Scarlett started dance. The good thing about the busyness was my house was cleaned from the long weekend and because we were so busy it stayed clean until Thursday when they girls got out their toys to play after school. We call them tiny tornadoes! I clean and then 5 minutes later our house is covered again with toys. Everyone says one day I will miss the toys and clutter and one day my house will be clean again. Ha! Ha! 
I wore this super comfy dress this week. It's completely bump friendly. I've worn it all the way to my third trimester before. It was extremely humid this week and rained on and off a few days. One day my class came in soaked from recess and they were laughing so hard telling me all about it. What a great memory! 
Pearl Headband from TJ Maxx similar here for $11.99.
Olive tiered Dress from Talulah IDENTICAL option here for $34.99.
Pearl slides from Talulah for $28.

I will post my girls back to school outfits later this week because Sophia starts kindergarten this week! I'm so excited for her!! My girls are just like me and most excited for their outfits! 

Have a great week everyone!! 

Monday, September 4, 2023

Jeans Day But Professional

Oh, how I love a jeans day when it isn't 90 degrees outside! It's been way too hot to even wear jeans yet on our jeans day. When the temperatures cool down a little bit, I can't wait to wear this outfit!
It's a great transition to fall outfit too. I absolutely love the color of this top for fall.
Most of the time I love to wear graphic tees or hoodies with my jeans, but sometimes I want to wear jeans and look professional. I have a meeting next Monday and it's a jeans day, so this outfit would be perfect!
Top is from TJ Maxx similar to this for $25.99
MK Flare Jeans from TJ Maxx similar to these for $36.90.
Cognac Loafer Mules from Old Navy for $30.
Gold Hoops from Talulah similar here for 13.95.

I always feel confident when I'm wearing flare jeans! I don't know what it is, but every time I wear them, I just feel pretty!! 

Is there something you put on and it always makes you feel confident or pretty?

I hope you all have a great  week and enjoyed your long holiday weekend! It's a short week!! We got this!