Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Lovin'

This has been an amazing summer!!! I'm loving every minute of it!! Getting my dream job, nannying my two sweet girls, spending time at the lake, travelling to Texas, my brother moving back for a new job, and the list goes on. The best part about it is summer isn't even over yet!!! We still have a few weeks, which will fly by like the rest of the summer has.
The girls I nanny and I have been having so much fun. When it's not too hot out, we've been going to so many different parks and playgrounds, we have swam a lot, we have had picnics, we've been to the movies, we've cooked together, we've played so many games, we have had fashion shows and played dress up, we have read books, etc. It's always so fun spending my summer with them! I absolutely love it!

Sun hat from Walmart for $8!
Gold Necklace from Kohl's similar to this for $28.50.
Pink and White Striped Oxford from Tommy Hilfiger Outlet similar to this for $24.94.
Gold/Brown Reversible Belt from TJ Maxx similar to this for $34.99.
Pink Short from Tommy Hilfiger Outlet similar to these for $26.94.
Gold Sperry's from TJ Maxx similar to these for $16.99.

What fun things have you been doing this summer??

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Teacher Interview Style

First off, let me just tell you the good news! I'm going to be a 1st Grade teacher this school year!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dream is coming true! I know you all know that it's been my absolute dream since I graduated college to have a classroom of my own. I've had interviews every summer and they have resulted in jobs that I love because I'm educating young minds, but it was never a grade level classroom. My first year out of college I was a substitute teacher, which I loved and it was the perfect thing to do the first year out. This past school year I was a technology teacher and a title one reading teacher, which I loved and had so much fun doing.

When I was preparing for each of my interviews this summer the first thing that came to my fashionista mind was, "What am I going to wear?". I would instantly get on Pinterest and start looking....I was actually really disappointed in some of the interview outfits on there, so I decided to make this post for teachers who are interviewing now or in the future. When I was in school they always told us to be very professional, but having a pop of color makes you more memorable. 

1. You need to have a good blazer! The blazer can be your pop of color or it can be black, which is always classy and professional. I have worn a yellow blazer for an interview before and I've worn black. I've always gotten my blazers at Forever 21 because they are classy, well made, and a good price.

Gold Necklace from Kohl's similar to this for $24.
Red Scalloped Blouse from TJ maxx similar to this for $5.90.
Black Blazer from Forever 21 similar to this for $24.80 or this pop of color one for $32.80.
Gray and Black houndstooth pants from TJ Maxx similar to these for $19.80.
Black Patent Wedges from TJ Maxx similar to these $17.80.

2. You need a pencil skirt that covers your knees. Make sure the pencil skirt is nicely made and isn't too tight (If you can see your underwear lines it's too tight, so you probably shouldn't wear it.) Teachers are mostly interviewing in the summer time and it can be really hot out, so this is another reason why a pencil skirt is a good idea. I'm usually sweating because I'm so nervous anyways, so anything I wear is too hot. Ha! This pencil skirt can also be your pop of color, which is what I did. I also wore this skirt to my interview last summer.
This Summer
(I was offered the job in this outfit!)
 Black Blazer (again) from Forever 21 similar to this for $24.80.
Polka Dot button down from Tommy Hilfiger Outlet similar to this for $24.50.
Green Pencil Skirt from Forever 21 similar to this for $34.50.
Black Patent Wedges from TJ Maxx similar to these for $17.80.

Last Summer
(Outfit details here)

3. Pop of color! My professor in college told us a story about when she was interviewing for a new teacher at their elementary school and there was a candidate who came in with a hot pink blazer on. She ended up getting the job because not only was she very qualified, they remembered her because of her hot pink blazer. She said that she was the only one with a pop of color and that stood out to them. As you can see above, I added a pop of color in my skirt or top. Last year I added a pop of color in my blazer.
Last Summer
(Outfit details here)

4. You need to bring a large purse. I say large because you should bring extra copies of your resume. I also brought my teaching license, so they could see I was certified. I brought extra copies of my letters of recommendation. I was given my large Coach purse as a gift when I graduated college, specifically for interviews. Scroll up to see my purse if you missed it! It's literally the perfect size!

**Note: You never know if you'll be interviewing with just the principal or with other teachers. My interviews this summer had the principal and three or four other teachers and then I had an interview with just the assistant superintendent of the school district.

I made folders for one of my interviews with my blog business card (They loved it, so don't be afraid to flaunt it.), copies of my resume, teaching license, and letters of recommendation. I also included a cute Kit-Kat thank you that I got from Parties and Patterns Blog.

5. My last tip for your style is to be yourself and don't forget to smile (and breathe)! :)

This year I found this site on Pinterest that had some amazing advice on things to say when they ask specific questions. I do believe it helped me a lot to just think about questions they might ask and think about what I would say. Check it out HERE. One question that I had never been asked before and caught me off guard was "What character trait annoys you the most?". I was like WHAT??? I admitted that it was a hard question and I went on describing that people who are negative probably annoy me the most. 

I hope this post helped a few of you teachers who are going through interviews or will be in the future!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Geekness Day!

Happy Geekness Day to my fellow technology geeks!!! I was asked to help celebrate Geekness Day (July 13th)  by my fellow geek friend Lisa from because she said they considered me to be a geek. I had to post an outfit for Geekness Day! This is as geeky/classy as it gets for me.

I'm actually a little obsessed with this outfit!
Bow Tie from Ebay for $1.99.
Layered pearl and gold necklace from Forever 21 similar to this for $9.80.
White button down from Wet Seal similar to this for $15.95.
Black Skirt from Loft similar to this for $19.
Gold Sequin Sperry's from TJ Maxx similar to these for $23.37.

1. What makes you a geek?
This past year I was a technology teacher and I LOVED every minute of it. I know I have made a hashtag or two with Computer Geek or Tech Geek behind it. Ha! I've always loved technology and having the latest and greatest. I also come from a family of computer geeks and I would always brag to my friends when I was a young child that my family had 7 computers (that was A LOT back then)! Now I brag that my grandma has Facebook and Instagram (she is the coolest)! My family has always been up to date with technology (GEEKS FOR LIFE)!

My happy place at school:

2. What is your proudest geek moment?
Probably when I figured out how to plug my iPad into my SMART Board using a VGA cable connector. I was so excited and proud of myself!!! Also, when I made a video this year of the entire school dancing to "Happy" and I uploaded it to YouTube and our schools' Facebook page. The kids felt FAMOUS when they saw themselves on YouTube. I was so proud of myself for making the students feel like big shots! :)

3. What is your geek motto/favorite quote?
I'm such a geek I have a sweatshirt with it right on it! Ha!

4. Who is your geek role model?
Absolutely my step dad! He would fix my computer problems and printer problems constantly growing up. SOOOO many times I have told him he is such a geek, but I honestly don't know what I'd do without him! He builds computers, he's made an app, he is a hard core computer gamer with the headset, etc. He's taught me a lot!!! He was so proud when I became the technology teacher at my school.

That's where I get it from:

5. Which SingleHopper geek do you most relate to? Why?
I would say I'm most like Stephanie Crets because she loves television and watching Netflix like me, she has a love for fashion like me, and she has a personal blog at Stephanie Plus Verb. She also loves taking a million pictures of her cat like I take a million pictures of Bear (my dog). Finally, she has a love for technology like me.

6. How familiar are you with SingleHop's product offerings (dedicated servers, private cloud hosting, managed hosting, etc.)?
I had never heard of SingleHop until Lisa contacted me, but when I read about their blog and browsed through their website I was in awe of what they do. They are even in awe of what they do. It's amazing how talented they are. They have made life a lot easier for many businesses all over the world because of technology. Read about their blog here.

7. Anything else we should know?
I will just show you some pictures of how technology teachers (of young children) geek out!

Keep Calm and Get Your Geek On!!

Also if you'd like more information about SingleHop go check out their new page about Private Cloud Hosting.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fashion Tips for Wedding Season!

Today I'm collaborating with the Paul Fredrick Blog! Paul Fredrick is an online men's retailer and they specialize in their dress shirts. They have so many fab combinations to make a man look perfect this wedding season. Check them out HERE because they have some really great deals going on right now!! I know you all love when your significant other is dressed nicely. I love trying to match Colin at the weddings we go to. I always tell him the wedding colors and he goes off of that. He always looks so handsome. Go read the post from the Paul Fredrick Blog about what men should be wearing this summer for the wedding season here. Valerie asked me to share some fashion tips for wedding season for men and women! You all know I've been to quite a few weddings in the past year and have already attended one this summer and I have another one I'm attending in August.

Like it said in Valerie's post, lighter colors and lighter fabrics are perfect for a summer wedding. She also said that a bow tie is making a statement this summer, especially if you want to impress! I agree!
I think men always look classy in long sleeves and they can roll them up at the reception. I've never been a fan of short sleeve dress shirts. What do you think? I'm loving gingham, anchors, light colors, pattern mixing, etc. The men's fashion this year has really been stepping up their game!!

Mens Wedding Attire

Prada Saffiano Laced Derby Shoes

Reef Knots Anchors Silk Tie
$110 -

Now for the women's wedding summer fashion. I would say skater dresses are beyond perfect. If it's really hot its perfect flowy skirt keeps you cool and comfortable. Also, it's a shape that looks amazing on every body type! I think for a wedding the dress can be a little above the knees but no shorter because then it may look like you are going to a college party or a night club. I know that I always try to match the wedding colors, but if I don't want to look like a bridesmaid or I don't know the colors you can never go wrong with black. It's always so classy and slimming. Black looks so good whether you are fair skin or tan. For the shoes, I love to wear wedges because they are more comfortable than pumps, but you always need a cute pair of flats to change into for the reception so that you can dance the night away and not have your feet be in pain. :)

Classy Wedding Attire

Party dress

Kurt Geiger black shoes
$335 -

J by Jasper Conran pearl necklace
$21 -

Here are some photos where Colin and I matched for the weddings. I was actually a bridesmaid in these photos, but he still matched me and the wedding colors. :)

What are you and your date wearing this wedding season??

Don't forget to check out Valerie's post HERE and the handsome men's dress shirt and tie combos HERE! I'm loving so many of them and I have four brothers, a dad, a step-dad, and a significant other that I could buy for! They all will be in style this wedding season!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 4th in Texas!

I'm home from Texas! I had a blast shopping, boating, watching fireworks, and spending time with my dad and brothers. I usually only see them two times a year, so we do as much as possible in the short time we have together. It was an amazing trip and I'm finally getting back to reality. You know when you are gone for vacation you always have so much to do when you get home, such as go grocery shopping, do laundry, catch up on blogging, etc. The holiday week flew by so fast! 

 Polka Dot Chambray Top from Love Culture for $7.47!!
Lace Shorts from Love Culture for $19.95.
White Sandals from TJ Maxx similar to these for $8.95.

My 4th of July Outfit from Stitch Fix! This was my very first time trying Stitch Fix and I was very impressed. Absolutely every item was totally my style, but they were a little more expensive than the clothes I usually buy. I definitely would do it again, but only for special occasions because the prices are a little high. I ended up keeping three of the five items because I loved them so much and they fit perfectly. It was so easy checking out and sending back the items I didn't keep. My favorite part was the personal note and booklet on how to style each of the items from my personal stylist. This top and pants are two of the three items I kept in my fix. Usually pants are super long on me because I'm pretty short, but these were the absolute perfect length. I had to have them! I love the fit and pretty embroidery on the top and it was beyond perfect for the 4th of July. I already scheduled my next fix for back to school! I can't wait! I'm saving my money :)

If you haven't tried Stitch Fix go sign up HERE for your first fix!!

I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July too!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Happy July!

One of my favorite holidays, besides Christmas, is the Fourth of July! I love the summertime and watching the fireworks! One year I got to see three firework shows! When I was little we would always go out on the boat to see the fireworks on the lake. Boats would be crowded all around and you would hear the "Oooo's and Ahhhh's". Also, you would hear fun boat horns honk at the BIG fireworks! Over the past few years I've been to our local Country Club Fireworks, the Lake Fireworks, the Fairgrounds Fireworks, etc. All fireworks are just so much fun to watch!

This year I will be in Texas! I'm sure we will have a lot of fun on the Fourth of July! :) I'm so so excited to hang out with my brothers and my dad!!!

Green Popover from Target for $19.99.
Gold Necklace from Kohl's similar to this for $12.80.
Reversible Belt from Kohl's similar to this for $15.60.
Striped Shorts from TJ Maxx similar to these for $22.94.
Sperry Gold Sequin Flats from TJ Maxx similar to these for $16.99.

Off to Texas for the Week!!! Happy Fourth of July Week Everyone!!!!