Monday, April 29, 2013

A Bachelorette Celebration!

Last week I got over my cold and then Thursday morning it came back in FULL force! I was miserable! I had a bachelorette party to go to during the weekend that I didn't want to miss. I'm the type of person that even if I'm sick I won't miss out on things. When I told the girls I might not make it they were like "WOW!! You must really be feeling sick". Well, Friday afternoon came around and I felt a little better, so of course I decided to go! I'm so glad I didn't miss out on the fantastic weekend I had celebrating the bride to be, Whitney! We went to The Funny Bone Comedy Club on Friday night. I think our cheeks hurt so bad from laughing when we left. Saturday, we took Whit on a scavenger hunt/trip down memory lane. The very last destination she opened a letter that her future hubby wrote to her. She read it out loud and we all had tears running down our faces. It was too sweet. Then, we dressed in our nautical outfits and we went to a couple of fun bars where Whit was serenaded and they dedicated songs to her. Here are some great photos from the amazing weekend!

They called her up on stage and made her take a shot! Haha! 

The hysterical comedian! He came out dancing to a girlie song with his shirt off! We lost it! Haha!

Scavenger hunt!

The gorgeous bachelorette and I!

The fabulous Mrs. who made the entire weekend perfect for Whit!

Before hopping in the cabs!

Blowing the hottie whistle for Jack Daniel!

The singer who dedicated every song to the bachelorette party! Ha! He loved us!

Being serenaded to at the Piano Bar.

Here is what I wore:

 Anchor top from TJ Maxx (this year) similar to this for $10.70.
White Waist Belt from TJ Maxx (old) similar to this for $8.06!
Red Puplum Skirt from Kohls (this year) for $6!!!! Similar to this for $11.80!
Gold Sandals from TJ Maxx (two years ago) similar to these for $8.80!

My fabulous giveaway bracelet from Stilettos and Sequins!!! 
Red Polka Dot Bracelet/No bump hair band from Oh Buoy Boston 4 for $8!
Navy and Gold Watch from Kohls (last year) similar to this cute one for $7.23!!!


  1. The outfit you chose for this is Lovely. I adore your Anchor top which looks great with the Red Mini. Adorable Wrist Jewelry too. Love the watch.

    Hope to see you participate in my Birthday Blog Party. All you gotta do is style an outfit for my BDay & EMAIL it to me by the Friday on May 3rd ar Then I will have everyone's outfits on a special post on Sunday.

  2. what a blast! :) bachelorette parties are so much fun! Good thing you went and didn't call in sick for that girly...the red skirt is so pretty! this is another one of my favorite outfits <3

  3. I love bachelorette parties haha:)! I always look forward to them! Sounds like y'all had an absolute blast! Congrats to your friend! What a fun theme! You all looked beautiful!

  4. This looks like soooooo much fun!! Glad you felt better and got to have an amazing time with your girls! Love your outfit too =)

  5. Looks like such a fun bachelorette weekend! You guys all look GORGEOUS!

  6. This looks like so much fun! You girls look gorgeous too!

  7. what a fun party! your outfit is adorable!

  8. The bracelet looks fabulous on you, Amy! And the whole outfit is adorable!!

    Stilettos & Sequins