Thursday, May 22, 2014

T-Shirt Dress!

When it's really hot outside, there is nothing more comfortable than a T-shirt dress. It's so perfect for hot and humid weather. Especially when your students start to bring in all of their body heat, it's nice to have something loose and comfortable on. Some of the teachers were talking about needing to have the hygiene talk again because it's starting to get hot outside and they are getting sweaty and smelly. Ha! So funny!!

I actually wore this outfit last week when it was really hot and it was perfect!!

 T-Shirt dress from Kohl's similar to this for $24.99.
Necklace from Kohl's for $19.60.
Orange Flats from Amazon for $16.99.
Brown Belt from TJ Maxx similar to this cute one for $1.99.


What is your go to outfit when it's extremely hot and sticky outside??
Enjoy your 3-day Memorial Day weekend! I'm headed to the Lake for the three day weekend!!! Yay!! I'm hoping to get some sun because I'm feeling pretty pale lately! Ha!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pink and Floral!

This week is our school's Talent Show! I'm so excited to watch our talented students perform. I peeked in during their practices and helped out a little bit. I was so impressed with some of the talent I saw. It's going to be so fun to watch! The teachers are doing a surprise act for the students and they have no idea what it is. We are doing the Harlem Shake! Ha! It's going to be awesome and so funny! Our practice is this morning before school. The students are going to love it!!!!

Floral Shirt from Kohl's for $17.60.
Pink Bubble necklace from Amazon for $9.99.
Pink Crop Pants from American Eagle similar to these for $49.95.
White sandals from TJ Maxx similar to these cute ones for $9.95.

What fun things are you doing or have you done for the end of your school year?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bachelorette Party in a LBD!

This weekend was awesome! I'm still recovering from the water park, dancing the night away, and laughing so hard my cheeks hurt. Being together with all of my friends was long overdue. I missed them so much! It was so much fun! We stayed at an indoor water park hotel. We arrived Friday evening and went to PF Changs for dinner. Then, we came back played games, opened her presents, and had cookie cake. Saturday, we went to the indoor water park during the day. We went to a winery and gourmet pizza place for dinner. Finally, we went to Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar for the night. It was a blast! There were about 10 other bachelorette parties that were there. They sang some amazing songs and we danced the night away!

Here is what I wore Friday night:

 I just love my baby Bear!
Gold Chain Necklace from Kohl's for $22.40.
White pants from Love Culture similar to these for $17.80.
Blue flats from Payless for $16.99.

 Reunited and it feels so good!! :)

 They had awesome bar stools everywhere!

 Celebrate our Barbie Bachelorette!!!

 Off to the indoor water park!

 LBD night out!!!


 My LBD is from TJ Maxx!

 Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar!

Another funny Bar stool!

It was so much fun! I'm sad its over! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I Love Scalloped Anything!

Anything piece of clothing that I see with a scalloped edge, I have to buy. I just bought this shirt at TJ Maxx about two months ago and I had to get it in both colors that they had. I love it so much! It's so classy.
I love having things to look forward to! This weekend I'm going to my friend's bachelorette party. I can't wait to be reunited with some of my best friends and spend the weekend together. I will give you all a recap next week of the weekend. Saturday all of the girls are wearing our little black dresses and the bride-to-be is wearing a white and sparkly dress! I can't wait!!! Do you like having things to look forward to?

Red Scalloped Blouse from TJ Maxx similar to this for $14.22.
White Floral Necklace from Amazon for $15.99.
Jeans from Goodwill similar to these for $28.
Floral Flats from TJ Maxx similar to these for $14.99.

My favorite time of year is when the trees bloom and they are white. The trees line the sides of our street and it is just breathtaking driving through it. I love the spring time! I just couldn't crop the beautiful tree out of my picture. I also couldn't crop out the little neighbor boys who live behind us. Ha!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello Summer Weather!

The weather is feeling more like summer weather. I'm so excited! I still can't believe the school year is almost over. I just had my students make their summer bucket lists. The big thing that most of my students want to do this summer is go to Cedar Point (amusement park in Ohio)! They are getting very excited for school to be out! Our last day of school is May 30th. The last week of school is filled with fun activities, such as field trips and field days. 
This past Friday, our school had it's annual Spring Fling! It was raining outside, so it was inside with face painting, snow cones, balloon animals, etc. I worked at the Cake Walk game. It's kind of like musical chairs except they walk around this circle of numbers and when I stop the music I pull a number and whoever is standing on that number, they get to pick a baked good from the table. It was so hard not to eat anything on that table. If you know me you know I have a major sweet tooth. Good thing I had a cookie dough blizzard from Dairy Queen before I came to the Spring Fling. Ha! :) The students had a blast!

Blue button down from Goodwill similar to this for $22.80.
Yellow Cardigan from Poshmark (Old Navy) similar to this for $22.80.
Skinny Jeans from Forever 21 similar to these for $7.80.
Floral Oxford shoes from TJ Maxx similar to these CUTE ones for $14.

Enjoy the warm weather, if you have it too! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

S.L.A.N.T. Box Reveal!

Today I'm going to talk about this awesome thing called a SLANT Box that I participated in this past moth for the first time. I loved it so much that I'm doing it again this month. It's about sending love across the nation to teachers and you don't have to be a blogger to sign up! You can read all about it and sign up if you want over at Lessons With Coffee blog.

The SLANT Box Exchange

The theme was pick your favorite book and get things that go with the theme of the book. I got to know to lovely ladies over the month of April. I was able to give Martha a box of goodies over at 2 Smart Wenches and if you'd like to see what I gave her check out her SLANT Box Reveal. She has totally inspired me to have a Fairy Garden someday! I loved getting to know her. I also got to know a beautiful lady who loves the TV show, Scandal as much as I do!! I received the sweetest most thoughtful box from Lindsay over at Flipping Over Fourth Grade.

She could not have gotten me a more perfect book! I used to dress up in my mom's high heels and her old bridesmaids dresses. I've always loved being fancy! :)
She knew my classroom was zebra and pink themed, so she got me those perfect zebra pens and the pink sunglasses Post-it I fell in love with!
The chocolates are already gone...oops! They were so so so good! I had never had them before and now I'm obsessed.
Yummy smelling wax melts for my new home to smell good.

Lindsay was so very thoughtful and I feel like she knew me so well from everything she gave me. Thank you again and again a million times over!!

S.L.A.N.T. Box is amazing and I can't wait to do it again this month! The theme is everything is personalized. Anything your partner likes, you get it! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Yay for the last day of state tests today! I'm exhausted and so are the students! They are ready to be done! We had a Teacher Appreciation Day lunch this week at school. It was so sweet having people appreciate us. It was delicious! I appreciate all of you teachers out there. You all are amazing for wanting to make a difference in a child/teen/adult life! Thank you for all you do!

Anchor button down from Tommy Hilfiger Outlet similar to this for $19.97.
Cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger Outlet similar to this for $10.95.
Khaki Pants from Wet Seal similar to these for $26.90 + 50% off right now!
Red Flats from Target similar to these for $35.97.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous and classy moms out there! I have a pretty awesome mom and I can't wait to celebrate her this weekend!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


First let me fill you in on the awesome weekend I had! I went to a Zumbathon with some of my friends in Indiana. My friend actually teaches Zumba where we went. It was so fun!!!! Then, we went to dinner and stayed up late playing a game that we laughed at until our cheeks hurt! Ha!

 Jennifer Lopez sweatshirt from Kohl's similar to this for $22.
Black Pants from TJ Maxx similar to these for $19.99.
Floral flats from TJ Maxx similar to these for $12.95.

That's my best friend on stage working it with some awesome Zumba moves! It was so much fun!

There were a few little girls there who were having a blast too! They were so cute!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I've Been Busy Moving

I've been very busy lately getting settled in my new home. A few weeks ago I moved out of my parents' house...I'm officially a big girl! Ha! I had to move out sooner or later and I didn't want to be like that movie "Failure to Launch"! My mom was pretty emotional, but I live ten minutes away and I still see her at least three or four times a week! We are best friends! When Colin works nights it's nice to go have dinner with my parents, so I don't have to eat alone. We are still getting everything settled, but it's slowly becoming a home. I love it! The closet is my favorite's HUGE! :)

This post is a sneak peek of my new home....



Living Room




So that's what we have so far! There are a few spaces and a room that isn't finished yet. I love decorating my new home!!! I can't wait for it to be completely finished!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!