Thursday, February 28, 2013

Classic Navy and Green

All week it has been raining/snowing at the same time! It's been awful, but today I didn't let it get me down! We had a two hour delay today because of this mess and now it's slush. YUCK! It was very nice to have the extra two hours of sleep because this weather makes me soooo sleepy. Does rainy and cloudy weather make anyone else tired? I am so lucky I have an awesome mom that I can share clothes with because this outfit contains many items that we bought to share. :) Does anyone else share clothes with friends or family?

Gold and Pearl Twisted Necklace from Forever 21 (a few years ago) similar to this for $8.80!
White and Navy Blouse from TJ Maxx (NOW) similar to this for $15.80 or this for $19.80.
Navy and Green Striped Cardigan from TJ Maxx (NOW) similar to this for $22.80 or this for $23.99.
Knee Length Pencil Skirt from Forever 21 (NOW) for $17.80!  It's lined and not spandex AT ALL! It's wonderful and comes in three colors!
Navy Tights for $6.99 at Kohls!
Braided Skinny Belt from TJ Maxx similar to this for $4.80!
Bronze Flats from TJ Maxx (last year) similar to these for $16.80.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Thick Hair Sock Bun!

Everyone has been asking how I did this sock bun, so I will show you here! Now, if you have thin hair it may not look as BIG (big is an understatement) as mine. I'm positive it will still look fabulous with any kind of hair! I broke it down step by step. I hope this helps!! I'm glad I could post this because with the weather being rainy and snowy the past two days, I have not been able to take good outfit pics. I hope every is having a wonderful week! It's half way done!

Step One: You will need a sock, scissors, a hair band, bobby pins, and hairspray!

Step Two: Take your sock and cut the toe part off, so you can see all the way through it! My sock is rather tacky (to say the least) Ha, but I didn't want to cut a nice one!

Step Three: Roll the sock so it looks like a doughnut! YUM!

Step Four: Make a HIGH ponytail and secure with a hair band!

                                                            ^^ About that high ^^
Step Five: Take your sock and put your ponytail through it. Keep it at the end of your ponytail and wrap the end of your ponytail around the outside and through the middle. Like this...
If you see my hair has long layers, so some of the ends might get loose, but that's okay!

Step Six: Roll your sock doughnut and hair up all the way until its tight to your head! While doing this, during each roll, spread your hair around the sock doughnut!

As you can see it's kind of messy with loose ends and you can see some of the sock still!
Step Seven: Secure the bun to your head and any bumps or loose ends with bobby pins!! I don't know what I'd do without bobby pins! They are my life savers! Anyone else agree?

Step Eight: Last but not least, hairspray the bun and any flyaways outside the bun! Then, you go out and ROCK THAT SOCK BUN!!!!

Well, I'm off to my workout classes with a few of my friends. We do them every Wednesday evenings. We take Piloxing (combination of pilates and boxing), which is AWESOME!!! Also, we take Zumba Toning, which is just like Zumba, but with weights (also lots of fun)! Have a fabulous evening! XOXO

Monday, February 25, 2013

New Week, New Look

As you can see, I was in need of a change! My blog has a whole new classy look to it! I hope everyone had a great Monday back to work...haha! It was actually gorgeous and sunny here, but I had to enjoy it while it lasted because we are in for snow and freezing rain the rest of the week...boooo! I taught in a kindergarten class today and YIKES were they crazy! I bet all you teachers know why!! Kids tend to be a little more energetic when there is a full moon out! Haha! By the way, the moon is beautiful tonight! We also had a surprise fire drill (Ahhhhh!!)! Even though it was nice outside, those kids were running out of line and yelling! The teacher warned me last week that her class is a handful, but holy cow! I told her she was a Saint after my day with them! Also, I had heard they had a sub last Thursday who let them run around and play in centers all day long (WHY IS THIS PERSON A SUB?)!!! I guess I was the mean sub today, but I still got hugs at the end of the day! I feel that is a sign of respect. Thank goodness! It was a great experience for me. I always enjoy a challenge! It keeps me on my teaching toes! :)

Classic curly pony <3
Embellished Shoulder Black Top from Forever 21 (last year) similar to this short sleeve one for $19.80.
Belted High-Waisted Blue Pants from Forever 21 (last year) similar to this style for $22.80 or this style on SALE for $18!!
Leopard Loafers from TJ Maxx (this year) like these for $10.99!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

There is Never Enough Time

Whenever I get together with some of my very close friends, I feel like there is never enough time to tell them all of the things I want to! Do you ever feel that way? I have had the same close group of friends since high school! We all have grown up and moved different places, but always find time to get together (not as much as we'd like though)! Our friendship reminds me of one of my all time favorite TV shows, "Sex and the City". We are all SO dfferent, but we get along like sisters! One is a newlywed and four of them are engaged to be married this year! This is kind of a good thing because we will have SO MANY excuses to get together! :) Last night, was one of those excuses! A few of my friends were in town, so we went out for drinks with our men. They get along great as well (Thank goodness because they'll be seeing each other a lot in the future)! Haha! There was a live country band playing! It was a lot of fun!

I decided to wear my new neon lace sweater! Funny story about this sweater is that when I ordered it from Forever 21, they sent me 2! I was going to return it, but my younger cousin Emily absolutely loves getting clothes from me and I knew she'd be thrilled if I gave it to her. She always says it feels like Christmas all over again when she gets some of my clothes! :) I asked her if she wanted it and that we could be twins and match sometime! She said "YES PLEASE!!" I love making people happy!

Bright Yellow Lace Sweater from Forever 21 (NOW) for $19.80
Pink Tank from Forever 21 (last year) similar to this on SALE 2 for $8!
Black Skinny Jeans from Forever 21 (last year) similar to these for $24.80.
Indigo Booties borrowed from my mom (again) similar to these for $34.80.
Here are some of my beautiful friends (Angie, me, Annah, and Anna)!
Who's excited for the Oscars Red Carpet tonight?? I am!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Three Day Weekend Again?

Well, yesterday was a snow/ice day! I didn't see this one coming! All of the schools around here were closed! It was our very first snow day of the school year, so finally we got one!! YAY!! Now, the snow can stay away until next year PLEASE! My day consisted of relaxing on the couch, catching up on my favorite (trashy) TV shows. Haha! My guilty pleasures I guess you would say. :) Also, I went to a casual dinner out with my parents. It was a nice day off, which means another three day weekend! I saw a few of you other bloggers had snow days as well! How did you spend your Friday? Although, being a substitute you don't get paid for cancellation days...booooo! That was the only down side to my day off.

This is what I wore to the casual dinner with my parents last night! One of my favorite bloggers inspired me. Miss Renaaye blogged about the classic Speedy LV bag, so I had to get mine out again! She looked fabulous, like always and she is so right, this bag never gets old!! Mine is a knockoff from China, but I love it!!!

Blush Flower Stud Earrings from Forever 21 (last year) very similar to these for $2.80!!
Shades of Purple Patterned Scarf from TJ Maxx (last year) for $7.99!
Gray Cowl Neck Sweater from Forever 21 (Christmas Present) similar to this for $19.80.
Chaps Reversible Belt from Kohls (NOW) for $16.80. This belt is so worth every penny because its reversible with the basic every day colors brown and black! Love!
BKE Stella Jeans from the Buckle (NOW) for $79.95. I hate jeans shopping because they never fit right, but Buckle jeans always fit perfectly! They are expensive, but they FIT!
Brown Oxfords from Forever 21 (this year) similar to these cute ones for $24.80.
Classy Replica of Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Monogram Canvas Handbag (few years ago for my Birthday) it's $158 here.
This is what my snow/ice day consisted of!! I spent time with my baby Bear, lounged around in my pajamas, and watched TV!! Haha!
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I am going out for drinks with some of my friends tonight, so that should be fun! What are your exciting plans this weekend?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The "Ultimate Classy"

A couple of weeks ago, I told you that my grandma, Nan, has lived on a lake all of my life. There is no where else I'd rather be than on a boat or in the water (that would be a great bumper sticker)! Best feeling ever! Also, my dad has owned boats my entire life. My brothers and I would spend weekends on his boat during the summers. We have so many memories and laughs from those times! My grandpa has a lake house on a river that we visit every so often. It's so much fun! I have grown up around the water, boating, swimming, fishing, etc. All of that said, my all time favorite style to wear is nautical (anchors, boats, gold, navy, white, red, etc.) and I feel that it's the "Ultimate Classy" look on anyone. I have baby pictures of me in sailor/nautical outfits!! Haha! My 21st Birthday Party was "Sailor" theme. It was awesome seeing all of my friends in my favorite style!! Also, if you didn't know already my Instagram name is @SailorAme (follow me if you'd like)! My look today is a nautical outfit and my brand new necklace that I'm obsessed with makes it pop! What are your favorite styles??

AllyDrew Yellow-Gold Teardrop Bib Necklace from Amazon (NOW) for $18.99!
Navy Blazer from Forever 21 (last year) similar to this for $32.80.
Sailboat Blouse from Forever 21 (this year) similar sailboat blouse for $17.80.
Khaki Skinny Pants from Wet Seal (this year) for $24.90!
Breckelles Tan Riding Boot from Amazon (NOW) for $35.83.
Here is a picture of my friends and I from my 21st Sailor Birthday Party and a picture of Colin and I (He went all out, which he normally wouldn't do but it was the best birthday present ever!!)!!! It was SO much fun!

Did anyone else have a fun themed party? :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cheer Me Up Brights!

Do bright colors cheer you up? I needed some cheering up today! Today was the first day back to getting 5am wake up calls to substitute teach. Although, I got the 7:30am wake up call to be there ASAP today (School started at 8am)!!! Let's just say this morning was chaotic! I didn't even get to pack my lunch I was SO rushed! Being rushed is one of the worst feelings in the world, to me anyways! Surprisingly, it turned out to be a pretty good day (so thankful). The 4th grade class I had was awesome and lots of fun! I think wearing my bright skinny pants and bright earrings made my day brighter. Also, the staff was so sweet, they had a luncheon today and invited me to join (thank goodness because I didn't pack a lunch). :) Well, everyone has been wearing bright colors to bring on Spring, but my bright colors just brought constant snow, all day long!!! Haha! Just my luck! How was everyone else's Tuesday?? Was it as crazy as mine?

Yellow Cutout Drop Earrings from Forever21 (this year) similar to these for $3.80!!
Cable Knit Faux Fur Collar Vest from Loft (last year) similar to this for $49.88.
Ruffled Demin Blouse from Loft (last year) similar to this cute one for $17.80!
Peach Skinny Pants from Forever 21 (Last year and they still have them!!) for $15.80!!
Indigo Booties borrowed from my mom from Eddie Bauer for $69.99
similar to these for $38.50!!!
Also, I told you my mom and I were cleaning both our closets out yesterday! Well, I felt so accomplished when we were finished. I can never clean my closet by myself because I wouldn't get rid of anything. My mom and I are brutal, which is a good thing!! We both thanked each other over and over! It took us a little over 5 hours to do both of them!!! I have to show you all the bags we filled and took to Goodwill!! Our dining room was full!!! Haha! :)
So glad we did it and it's done!!
How often do you clean out your closet? Do you need a brutal person to help you too?

Monday, February 18, 2013

No School!!!

Happy Presidents Day everyone!! I was SO excited to get an extra day this weekend to sleep in after an exhausting week! My mom and I agree that when we have a day off of work, we like to be productive and get things done! We don't like to waste these precious days! I am spending this beautiful Monday with my mom, cleaning out our closets (It's going to be a big trip to Goodwill!) and maybe look for some great Presidents Day Sales! I saw Forever 21 has a lot of stuff for 70% off online!!! I always feel that when you clear out your closet you should always reward youself with something new! :) Bear is extremely excited that he gets to hang out with us today!! He is a happy pup! How are you all spending your Presidents Day? Anyone shopping the sales?

This is that mustard color that everyone says looks good on me! Do you still think so?
Black and Cream Striped loose top from Forever21 (a few years ago)
this is cute on SALE for $15!!!
Long mustard vest from Forever 21 (last year) similar to this for $24.15.
XOXO Black watch (teacher's necessity) from Amazon (NOW) for $19.99!!
Black Leggings from Forever 21 on SALE 2 for $10!
Brown and Black Contrast Riding Boots from Kohls (Christmas present) similar to these for $64.99.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day and Party!!

Sorry for not blogging since Tuesday! I have been so busy with teaching and Valentine's Day. Yesterday was my last day of teaching my 3rd graders, so I had to get everything organized and ready for the teacher when she comes back on Tuesday (THREE DAY WEEKEND!!)!! It was such a fun and exciting week with my students! I tried so hard not to be too sad when they left yesterday, but oh did I get LOTS and LOTS of hugs and Valentine's from them. :) They are the absolute sweetest! Our Valentine's Day party was yesterday, so I had a lot of fun things planned for them! I love Charlie Brown!!

They were counting down the hours and minutes until they could pass out their Valentines to everyone! Those Valentine boxes were SO SO creative I had to share some with all of you!! Also, I had to share my Valentine's that I made for them (The idea came from Pinterest of course!)!! I got the highlighters at the Dollar Store (4 for $2) and I printed the hearts on cardstock!

By the end of the day, the kids were definitely sugared up and it was time to send them home!! Haha! They had about three different cupcakes, two different cookies, and three treat bags! YIKES!

Last night Colin and I celebrated Valentine's Day because we both were SO busy! We went to Olive Garden (ONE OF MY FAVORITES!) and then we went to see "Safe Haven"!! He's so sweet he puts up with watching chick flicks with me and with me crying during them! Haha! I'm such a cryer and it's all thanks to my mom and Nan!! :) By the way the movie was extremely good and I recommend everyone to go see it! Colin got me two huge boxes of chocolates and an Orchid! It's beautiful and it will last (hopefully I don't kill it)!!!! I got Colin a cute card and a box of Reese's (his all time favorite)! The box was camo, which is perfect for him because he's a big hunter! I saw it in the store and HAD to get it for him! If you notice on the card it says Wally, that's Colin's nickname from me. It all started with Colly Wally and now it's just Wally! Haha! :)

Last, but certainly not least, this is what I wore! I told you those red pants would be back!!! I absolutely love them! My favorite part is that I found a red necklace I had that matches perfectly!! Sorry for the quality, I just took it with my phone. I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day and have a wonderful 3-day weekend!!! My older brother Tom is home, so I'm excited to spend time with him!

 Red Layered Necklace from Premier Designs (Christmas gift a few years ago)
similar to this for $29.99
Black with White detail Peplum Blazer from TJ Maxx (NOW) for $19.99
 similar to this one for $34.80
Basic Black Tank from Forever 21 (this year) on sale 2 for $10 right now!
Deep Red Skinny Jeans from Forever 21 (NOW) for $15.80
Black Leather Boots borrowed from my mom! I love being able to share clothes and shoes with her! They are from Macy's (a few years ago) similar to these for $64.95.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras!

Well, today was "Crazy Sock Day" and I wanted to wear knee socks, but I realized I had gotten rid of those when I redid my room last year and threw away SO much! I went for a more subtle "crazy sock" and had a neon purple sock and a neon green sock for Mardi Gras colors! You can kind of see them peeking out of my flats in the picture. Haha! You should have seen the look on my 3rd graders faces when I said "Happy Fat Tuesday!" this morning! Priceless! They were like what is Fat Tuesday?? It was a bright and sunny day, which just put me in the best mood leaving school today (and because I didn't have any papers to grade tonight!!! YAY!)! My outfit shows that I'm hoping Spring is on its way!! I think it's classy and professional (except the socks!)! Of course baby Bear was trying to get in the picture too! He always finds his way in these photos somehow! Haha! Tomorrow is "Dress like a Gym Teacher Day"! It almost feels wrong to be able to wear sweat pants, tennis shoes, and a hoodie to school, as a teacher! Any other teachers feel that way?

Thick with natural curls ponytail and a twist back bang! :)
Teal with Black Detail Blouse from Forever 21 (this year) similar to this in white and long sleeves
 for $19.80!
Reversible Black Patent Belt from Kohls (last year) similar to this on sale for buy on get one 1/2 off $26.00!
Black Dress Pants from Kohls (few years ago) similar to these on sale for $29.99!
Cream Flower Flats from TJ Maxx (this year) similar to these for $29.94.
The beautiful neon green and purple socks from Walmart (last year) like these for $3.00!!! Haha!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Loose and Comfy Monday

Last week was supposed to be my last week at my long term subbing job, but the teacher needed an extra week to recover. This means I get an extra week with my favorite 3rd grade class! Even though this is now my last week, I am making the best of it with Valentine's Day and a fun class party to celebrate! It was definitely a busy busy Monday with a lot of students getting sent home with the flu and fevers. I had 5 absent by the end of the day and the teacher next to me had 10 absent! The Anti-bacterial wipes were out in full force after school! I wiped down everything! Working with kids for sooo many years throughout college and this year, I seem to have a pretty tough immune system by now and I don't get sick very often (KNOCK ON WOOD!).

Mondays are all about wearing something loose and comfortable because I am normally in comfy clothes all weekend! Although, today a few girls came up and said is there a baby in there, like I was wearing a maternity shirt! Haha! They crack me up sometimes! Love them to pieces anyways! :) This week at school is Jump Rope for Heart week (raising money for American Heart Association) and tomorrow is wear crazy socks day. Any ideas on how to make crazy socks look cute?? Help! :)

Berry colored Open Cardigan from J. Jill (NOW) on sale for $29.99!!
J. Lo Beaded Chiffon Blouse from Kohls (last year) for $19.99.
Black Skinny Jeans from Forever 21 (last year) like these for $24.80.
Breckelle Tan Riding Boots from (NOW) for $35.83!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Casual Saturday At The Lake!

Today, was a beautiful and sunny Saturday! My parents, Bear :), and I drove to Nan's house (my grandma) to celebrate her birthday that was earlier this week! It takes about two hours to get there, so it's not too bad. Nan has lived on a lake my entire life and it looked gorgeous today with the ice over the water, snow, and clear sunny skies. It's even better in the summer time!! Can't wait for boating and swimming weather! We took her to lunch, walked around Pokagon State Park, ran some arrands, and relaxed a bit. It was a perfect Saturday! Here is my "Casual Saturday" look! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Fishtail Braid!
Thick Pink Infinity Scarf handmade by my fabulous best friend and mother, this year! You can find how to knit it on her blog :)
Leather Jacket from Forever 21 (NOW!) for $27.80.
Gray, Cream, Matallic Sweater from Forever 21 (2 years ago) similar to this one for $24.80.
Dark Skinny Jeans from Forever 21 (NOW!) for $10.80!! I love them!
Brown/Black Contrast Boots from Kohls (Christmas Present) similar to these on sale for $64.99.
Jessica Simpson Cross-Body Purse from TJ Maxx (last year) for $29.99!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

*Warm Fuzzies*

Today, at school, I got SO many compliments on my outfit (Not just from my students! Ha!). I had to share my look with all of you! Doesn't it just make you feel so extremely good when someone gives you a compliment? It definitely makes my day a little brighter, so I try to give compliments to people whenever I can because I know I love getting them! I always tell my students "Treat others the way you want to be treated." :) February is the month of love, so go out and give someone a compliment! I guarantee you will make them smile! Well, tomorrow is jeans day Friday!! Anyone else have jeans day Fridays and absolutely love it? I know I look forward to being comfy on Fridays at school!

Mustard/Gold Cardigan from Forever 21 (a few years ago) similar one here in 11 colors for $11.80!!!
Black and Cream Scarf from Forever 21 (last year) for $12.99
Black Lace Pencil Skirt from Forever 21 (this year) like this one for $17.80!!
Black Tights from Target (NOW) for $13.99.
Black Patent Bling Flats from TJ Maxx (last year) $19.99!
These are almost identical, but for $59.95! YIKES! TJ Maxx is the best!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Red Pants February!

Today is my beautiful friend, Annah's Birthday! She has been one of my very best friends since high school! If you're lucky, you might get to meet her in one of my blog posts someday. She has a fabulous sense of style! :)

I love February colors! I just got these new, red ankle pants last week and I have a feeling they will be worn a lot this month for February's holiday of love! I absolutely love the deep, romantic, red color that they are! Makes me think of red roses. :) Also, as you can tell from my blog design, I'm slightly obsessed with houndstooth these days. I feel that this peplum top practically defines who I am, which is classy (My favorite word!)!! I love the style, the pearl details, the houndstooth, and pretty much everything about it! This look would be perfect for a Valentine's Day date!! What are you all planning to wear this Valentine's Day?? It's coming up, next Thursday already!

Houndstooth Pearl Peplum Top from (this year) similar one here for $34.84.
Deep Red Ankle Pants from Forever 21 (last week) for $15.80!!
Black flats from Delias (2 years ago) almost exactly like these for $16.80.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

*Snowy Super Bowl Sunday*

It's been snowing since Saturday morning! Maybe we will get a school delay tomorrow (wishful thinking)? Well, today is Super Bowl Sunday and I don't know about you, but I only watch for the funny commercials! Colin and I are going to his older sister's house for a little Super Bowl party. It should be a lot of fun! Because I'm not rooting for a specific team, I thought, you can never go wrong with wearing black and white! Does anyone have any exciting plans for the Super Bowl tonight? If so, what are you wearing to your Super Bowl parties?

Brunette Tortoise Cat Eye Glasses from
 (Your first pair is free and you only have to pay shipping!!)
Silver and Pearl Necklace from Forever 21 (last year) Similar to this one for $14.80
Plaid Shirt from Love Culture (two years ago) $5.99!!
Faux Fur Vest from Forever 21 (last year) This one is brown but is similar for $38.49
Black leggings from Forever 21 on sale right now 2 for $10!!
Brinley Co. Riding Boots from Amazon (NOW) for $22.99!!!! Such a great deal!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Sometimes, I just absolutely love to wear my hair all up, off my neck, and out of my face! It just feels so much better. The sock bun is perfect for this! Now, as you can see, my sock bun is quite big because I have BIG hair! Haha! I still love it! Another thing I LOVE are my leopard flats!!!!! All of my friends and I agree that our leopard flats are definitely the go-to shoe. Whenever we have an outfit and we don't know which flats to wear with them, we go with the leopard flats! They go with everything and I really recommend to anyone that you should own a pair of leopard flats. I love this look because it's so classy and comfy for teaching on my feet all day long! Of course I had to get a side view of the sock bun too with my Baby Bear! Love him! I think it makes me look taller, which means I'm taller than my students for once! YAY! :) Have a wonderful Super Bowl Weekend everyone!!! We are stocking up on the football game snacks, if you didn't already notice, on the counter, in my picture! Haha!

Sock Bun Tutorial that I found was the easiest!
Pearl Clip-On Earrings from Forever 21 (Last year) $3.80
 Bright Orange Blouse from Forever 21 (Last year) like this one for $19.80
Reversible Leopard Patent Skinny Belt from Kohls (Last year) like this set for $26.00
High-Waisted Khaki Ankle Pants from Forever 21 (Last year) $22.80
Lauren Conrad Leopard Flats from Kohls on clearance for $7.99!! These are cute too for $19.80!