Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Meet The Teacher Outfit

When it comes to Meet the Teacher Night, you want to be comfortable, but cute. This is their first impression of you, so I always want to look like a super fun and kind teacher. I was just talking about this with some of my friends who aren't teachers, but I told them afterwards I am ALWAYS overanalyzing every conversation I had that evening. I ask myself so many questions like "Did I say the right thing?" "Was I awkward?" "Do you think they like me?" 

 Is any other teacher the same way???

It's usually pretty hot during this school event, so I make sure to dress cool as well. Thankfully we do have air conditioning, but with all of the people in the school it gets very warm! 🥵

I actually love this Amazon dress SO much I bought it in another color on Prime Day!
Amazon Dress for $44.99 with a 5% coupon too! 
•Star Sneakers from Talulah but here are similar ones that I also have for $39.95

I hope you all have a wonderful Meet the Teacher Night whenever that is and stay cool and comfortable! Our Meet the Teacher night is August 17th, so it's right around the corner. I also hope you feel confident enough that you don't need to overanalyze any conversation you had! 🩷


  1. I love this dress! I bought one on Prime day and it is just the right length and so comfortable and cute!

  2. Such a cute and casual outfit.