Monday, October 13, 2014


This past week was a big week for me and I was so so busy. I got a new car!!!!! I officially feel like a grown up! It was a little hard saying goodbye to my very first car. As I was cleaning it out the night before I got my new car, my brother and I were reminiscing about all the memories in that little two door Honda. My brother said "It just smells like high school in this car." We found so many CD's that had tons of memories too. It was so much fun! I love my new car! It makes me feel so grown up! It's so beautiful inside and out. :)

 Blue and White Striped Jacket from Gap similar to this for $34.99.
Pearl Necklace from Kohl's for $15.60.
Red Pants from StichFix similar to these for $29.

My new grown up car!!!!

How did you feel when you got a new car and had to let go of your first car when you got your driver's license?

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!


  1. I can totally relate with how invigorating it is to have a new car. It's like a rebirth due to the fact that it is such a vital part of our lives, be it for means of travel and transport or for our hobbies and enjoyment. Congratulations for your new purchase! All the best to you!

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru