Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mis-Matched Clothes Day!

This is late, but a couple of weeks ago we had "Mis-Matched Clothes Day" at school. Our student council makes spirit days throughout the school year to celebrate our school spirit. This was the first spirit day they planned! It was fun to pick out as many patterns as I could to wear. Ha! The students got pretty creative with their outfits too! It was fun!

The next spirit day is Flash Back Friday! We get to choose between the 70's 80's or 90's! I can't wait! I love spirit days! :)

What fun spirit days or dress up days do you have at your school?


  1. I love your mismatched outfit! We also have mismatched clothes day as well as pajama day quite a bit, our district's school colors (usually on Fridays), OSU/ Michigan Day, wear your favorite team jersey, Fall colors day, black/orange day for Halloween, dress like a snowman day, and so many more!! If teachers participate on spirit days, we can wear jeans.

  2. your polka dot shoes are cute! I actually like this outfit lol so bright and fun :)