Thursday, October 23, 2014

Conferences and Teacher Survival Kit!

Tonight is our last conference night. Yay! I survived my first parent teacher conferences!! I don't know why I was so nervous meeting the parents. They were all so kind. My favorite comments were when they would say they hear all about Miss Disbrow at home and how I'm their favorite teacher. Ha! Melts my heart <3

I feel that you have to dress a little more professional for conferences because you want to make a good impression. This is what I wore to conferences last week. You can never go wrong with black and white. It's so classy and professional!

Lauren Conrad Collared Bow blouse from Kohl's similar to this for $32.99.
Black pants from TJ Maxx similar to these for $17.80.
Black bow flats from JustFab similar to these for $20.99.

My New Teacher Reception on Monday night was so fun! They had delicious food and the goodie bags we got were AWESOME! They included, post-its, paperclips, bulletin board borders, stickers, glue stick, candy bag, mints and tic tacs, Staples gift card, Ice Cream gift card, and a "Teacher Survival Kit" It was so nice of them to do that for us!

Teacher Survival Kit!

Penny: so you will never be broke
Paperclip: to hold it all together
Crayon: to color your day bright
Rubber Band: to remind you to be flexible and work towards a win-win situation
Lifesaver: for always being there when your students need you
Band Aid: for healing the hurt feelings, yours or someone else's
Marbles: to replace those we lose from time to time
Tea Bag: to remind you that you're TEARRIFIC!!
Mint: to remind you to always honor your commit "mint" to students
Tootsie Roll: to remind you how sweet you are
Tissue: to remind you to dry someone's tears or your own
Toothpick: to remind you to "pick out" the good qualities in everyone
Eraser: to remind you that everyone makes a mistake sometimes, even the teacher


  1. Glad you had a great time on Monday. The Teacher Survival Kit is to CUTE

  2. That survival kit is so cute! I love this outfit, the blouse is so pretty!

  3. Your outfits for conferences have been so on point and beautiful!

  4. I love that little top on you it's so adorable. You are so beautiful my friend. The teacher survival kit is so cute and clever. xo