Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Busy Week!

This week we are doing our school wide DIBELS testing, which is done by the Title Teachers. I get so nervous for my students because I know they have worked so hard this year with me and I have prepared them the best I could for this assessment. As a child, I always had test taking anxiety and would get so nervous. I hated taking tests, so I feel badly for my students. Every student that I test, I try to make them feel comfortable and laugh a little before we actually start the assessment to make them less nervous.

Before school started yesterday, we did the "Cupid Shuffle" with the all of the students and some staff members in our Library. It definitely started their day and my day off on the right foot. We call it "Dance Party Day" and I just love that the students look forward to it when coming to school in the morning. It's so fun dancing with them! This also got their minds off all of the tests they have this week, since it's the week before Spring Break. It's a big week full of tests for the students.

How beautiful is this tunic from C.C. Lake for $32. I love the sequins on the elbows!
Layered necklace from Charming Charlie similar to this for $11.
Black Pants from TJ Maxx similar to these for $19.80.
Turquoise Loafers from Charlotte Russe for $25.50.

I love wearing Spring colors!!!!


  1. how fun to start the day like that!! i love that tunic - so cute!

  2. It's our week for standardized state tests too. It's hard to find that balance of helping the kids stay in a good mood and not get stressed out while making sure they remember it's important that they do their very best. I love the idea of a mini dance session to kick things off!

  3. That tunic! Oh my. I swoon. And I wish we had Dance Party Days, and then I think about how disturbing that might be with high schoolers who turn everything into a R-rated scene. Seriously though, I'm so in love with this outfit and the fun colors.

  4. What a tunic! love it. If only they shipped to the uk.

    X x

  5. One of my favorite colors! Turquoise! And i'm drooling over your loafers. This outfit is so perfect. I love it! it's my favorite so far =)

  6. That tunis is so pretty, bright and unique. Your necklace & shoes are all beautiful too and they match that cute tunic.

  7. this is so cute!I love how the shoes match the tunic,this is my favorite color! And the sequins are the best adorable touch(: