Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Is Almost Here!

Yesterday it got to 54, which is pretty warm for the freezing winter we have had. All of the students wanted to take their coats off for recess...I think they were a little too excited (it wasn't that warm). It was beautiful and sunny too! I enjoyed wearing bright colors on the spring-like day! Today is supposed to be warm too...but it's rainy. Bear is definitely enjoying the warmer weather too.

 Brown Loft Vest from Poshmark similar to this one for $35.99.
Striped J. Crew Shirt from Ebay same one here for $40.
Khaki Pants from Wet Seal similar to these for $24.90.
Orange Flats from Amazon for $16.99.

What bright colors are you loving for spring??


  1. Today I am wearing bright pink trousers, they make me feel very summery even if the wind is a little nippy.

    X x

  2. so happy to hear you are starting to get warm weather,

  3. Now that tomorrow is officially the first day of spring, I'll really be counting on the weather to keep warming up! Bold, bright colors are great for spring. I love your fun flats!

  4. I love that bright sweater and that cute dog! And I guess 54 seems warm compared to 0!! Susan

  5. I think pops of color can brighten up even rainy days and I love those orange flats. I need to invest in more ballet flats!

    And oh yes, the joys of childhood and seeing sunshine, but not realizing that doesn't automatically make it warm...

    p.s. bowtie!!!

  6. YAY bear looks so happy to see spring! My fav spring colors are turquoise and pink =)