Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mardi Gras!!

Yesterday was Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday! We started the day by eating paczki's! I chose apple filled and it was delicious! I had never had one before and I'm not sure why. They are SO good. Then, we had jambalaya for lunch and king cake. YUM!

There was a Mardi Gras luncheon that some of the students attended for earning beads for the books that they read in February. They earned beads and some earned masks. I think they had a lot of the fun.
My Outfit:

The lunch set up:

Last week I wore this outfit and I loved it, but I had such a crazy busy week I didn't have time to post. I had a meeting before school or after school every day. It was busy! The day I wore this outfit it snowed and I was like maybe this wasn't the right shoe choice. Ha! Oops! I think we all are desperate for some Spring weather around here, so people are starting to wear less clothing even though it's still snowing and freezing. This results in people getting sick...we have had a lot of students out lately and Wally even came down with a bad cold. He has been sick so much this year with his new job where he works 12-hour shifts. I told him he needs to be done being sick. Ha!

 Embellished collar button down from Old Navy for $19.97.
Purple Embellished Sweater from Old Navy for $14.97.
Black Gray Houndstooth Pant from TJ Maxx similar to these for $19.80.
Silver Pointed Toe Flats from DSW similar to these for $28.61.

Happy Hump Day!!!!
My step dad is away on business this week, so it's girls week (plus baby Bear)!! I love hanging with my momma!! :)


  1. Your Mardi Gras outfit is so fun! I also really like the second outfit. It's a great color combination and the pants look amazing!

  2. Love this sweater color on you! It's so pretty! You must dress springy to let that Ohio weather you want spring and no more snow! haha

  3. Both outfits are great but I especially love how chic and polished you look in the second outfit. I love Magenta.