Thursday, February 20, 2014


Today when I left for school, there was black ice all over the roads. The buses to school were running late because of the black ice. This made our entire day start about a half hour late. Then, it began to storm with thunder and lightening. I haven't seen a thunderstorm since the summer time. It was kind of nice and it's making the snow melt. Now, everyone is worried about flooding. Ohio has some crazy weather. I feel like I've said that so many times!!!!

I got so many compliments on this outfit today! My favorite compliment was "You look like how I dress up my dolls." I loved it!!!!

My pin:

My recreation:
Leopard scarf from TJ Maxx similar to this for $15.99.
Purple Dress from Old Navy similar to this for $25.
Bow belt from Forever 21 for $5.80.
Black fleece lined tights from TJ Maxx similar to these for $10.49.
Bow Flats from TJ Maxx similar to these for $39.

I'm linking up with The Style Journey's pinned it & did it!!


  1. Love the outfit! Fabulous job recreating it!!

    -Lindsey & Amanda
    Oh Buoy Boston

  2. This turned out fabulous! I love the purple and leopard combo. I hear you on the crazy Ohio weather. We get all 4 seasons in one day sometimes. Crazy!

  3. such a cute look
    love when i get compliments on my looks, makes my day so much sweeter

  4. I have EVERYTHING to recreate this outfit. I think I might do it for style swap (over at My New Favorite Outfit) next week! :)

  5. you nail it. I know my family in Michigan is having the same crazy weather. They didn't get rain with the thunder. They got more snow. I feel for you all with all the snow.

  6. Wow! this is so cute! I love a layered dress! Happy weekend! Susan

  7. You and your pinned look both look adorable. Like a doll exactly. Loving those fun a-line dresses. =)

    I am now all caught up with your blog. Enjoy your weekend Amy. =)