Friday, February 7, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside!

It's been so gosh darn cold the past few weeks that I haven't taken any pictures outside. Sorry for all of the inside pictures. It's crazy! We have had so many school closings and delays. I'm ready for some Spring weather to happen anytime now! How about you?

It's supposed to snow AGAIN this weekend....when will it stop?

A couple of weekends ago, I got to catch up with a few of my friends in some snowy weather. We had coffee at a local coffee shop. Here is what I wore:

 J. Crew Herringbone Vest from Poshmark you can find some on ebay or Poshmark.
Gray and Coral striped sweater from Forever 21 similar to this for $15.
Denim Chambray from Old Navy similar to this for $24.95.
Black pants from TJ Maxx similar to these for $19.80.
Brown and Black Boots from Kohl's similar to these for $39.99.
Necklace from Amazon for $12.59.

This past weekend, one of my best friends asked me to go thrift shopping. I was so excited because I have never been!!! Can you believe it? I have always wanted to, but I just needed someone to say hey let's go. I'm so glad I went! We got some great things for some great deals and I told her we have to do it more often!! I can't wait to go again!

I wore my favorite Goodwill find yesterday! Lucky Brand skinny jeans that I got for $5.50!!
 Black and White plaid shirt from Love Culture similar to this for $22.99.
Neon Lace Sweater from Forever 21 similar to this for $29.94.
Lucky Brand Jeans from Goodwill $5.50.
Black Boots from JustFab similar to these for $32.80.
My necklace is on repeat from Amazon for $12.59.
I had to brighten up these dreary winter days. 

I found this wreath on Etsy that I loved, but it's $60+. It looks so simple to make.
I saw Hobby Lobby was having a huge sale and I found this exact chevron burlap for $2.99 a roll. Then, they had a wire wreath from for $1.89 and hot pink tropical flowers for $3.99 for a bundle.
I watched many YouTube tutorials on how to make burlap wreaths. During one of my snow days this week, I decided to try and make my first burlap wreath.

I was pretty proud of the finished product. The perfect wreath for Valentine's Day, spring, and summer! It was a successful snow day. 

Have a great weekend everyone! Next week is Valentine's Day week!! I can't wait to see what you all will be wearing! :)


  1. I love your wreath! i want to make one!! and that first outfit is one of my favorites of yours!

  2. I love your first outfit, that vest is the most mixable piece ever!

  3. Oh I wish I would have purchased this vest before it started selling on Ebay for $300!! I love it! Maybe I will find one this summer when people are purging their winter clothing! You look great and your wreath is amazing!! Susan

  4. Your wreath turned out wonderfully! Now you have the satisfaction of having made it yourself and saved the money you would have spent to just buy it! I can't believe you had such a great thrifting find on your very first time!

  5. You did a marvelous job on the wreath! I go thrift shopping all the time-most of my wardrobe is from thrifting. You can find great clothes for very little. I also found a pair of Lucky Brand jeans at our local Goodwill for $5.00. I know what you mean about these snow days. We are now up to 9 snow/cold days. Maybe next week we will finally have a full week of school??

  6. Your wreath looks so pretty and cute! Crafty Fashionista! I'm inspired to make one now! And for the price of the tools, that's an affordable crafty project. Great deal on the lucky jeans thrift shopping. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes i don't. It's a hit or miss! I'm sorry it keeps snowing where you live. We barely got rain here in CA! Hopefully that snow stops for you guys soon!

  7. You wreath turn out awesome. Also love your neon top.

  8. I am loving that neon sweater!