Monday, January 1, 2024

Knitted Set

Here is one more cozy option for teachers. Have you tried a knit set yet? I saw a bunch of options at TJ Maxx and this one was my favorite! I might have to get another one because I feel like I'm wearing my pajamas, but it's dressy and cozy.

Knit Set from TJ Maxx similar here in a bunch of options for $51.99.
White Pumas from TJ Maxx similar here for $62.99.

If you haven't tried a knit set, this is your excuse to try it! The comfort level is unmatched! You need one! 
We are going to enjoy a cozy day inside while we look at the pretty snow falling outside. My plans tomorrow are to get all of the lunches packed and outfits for the girls planned for our short week back to school. What are your plans today? 

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  1. Such a cute and cozy outfit.