Sunday, October 15, 2023

Halloween Sweatshirt Outfit

This week was so busy and it included my two year old getting a stomach bug. It was her very first one, so she was pretty helpless. Thankfully it was short lived and she was feeling better pretty quickly! Having sick kids is never fun and your always wondering when the next one will get it. 

This week was also the big prime day deals on Amazon. Did anyone score any great deals? I got a couple of things for the girls for Christmas presents. 

I wore this outfit this week and I wore it last weekend because I loved it so much!!! 
Leather Vest from Amazon for $69.99
Clay Ghost Earrings from Amazon for $6.99
Ghost in Boots Sweatshirt from BriVanna Boutique for $50 (Use code Amy15 to save).
Black Leggings from Amazon for $24.99.
Pink Sneakers from Metallic Market for $99.99.

We are heading to the Pumpkin Patch later today with my sister and brother in law and their daughter! The girls LOVE their cousin! They are so excited!

What fall things have you been up to this weekend?


  1. Such a cute outfit. Love the sweatshirt!!! This weekend has been yard cleanup for winter. Chilly out but loving the sunshine!

  2. Super cute sweatshirt.