Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween/Girl Cousins Weekend Recap

This week was busy busy busy! Time was getting away from me and I didn't have enough of it to even blog. My first classroom holiday party was a success! We played Candy Corn Bingo and Skeleton Skeleton Where's Your Bone? The kids had so much fun! We even did some fun Halloween activities during the week because it's a week long celebration in our town.

All of the teachers dressed up as Where's Waldo? because when we need our principal we can never find him, so we put "Where's Mr. Marcum?" on our shirts. :)

 We graphed Halloween fruit snacks and we created number sentences using our graphs and solved them. They were able to eat their yummy fruit snacks when they were finished.

Our spelling words that week all had the "th" word family, so we made "th" word spiders!

After school that Friday, I picked up my cousin and we drove to Virginia Tech to be with our cousin for the weekend. We had a blast! It's such a fun trip. It was our second time. Our drive down was rainy and snowy, but our drive back was beautiful with all of the fall colors.

 We talk each others ear off the whole trip! We even missed a few turns because we were talking so much! Ha!

 We went to the football game on Saturday and FROZE! It was so cold!

We warmed up by crafting that night! :)
We had a blast!

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