Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Teacher Orientation!

This week I've been SO extremely busy getting ready for my students to come on Monday! I will do a classroom walk through SOON! It's still coming together! :)

This week, I have had New Teacher Orientation! It's been so helpful and beneficial to the new staff members to the district. There are quite a few new teachers. The meetings had a ton of new staff members! I even saw a few familiar faces from last school year and the year before. Everyone was congratulating each other and so excited to start teaching.

They had a few veteran staff members share some tips for us and during their speeches they shared many stories and experiences that have had throughout their teacher careers so far. I think I got the goosebumps three times because the stories were just absolutely so rewarding and touched my heart.

The other week when I met the rest of the first grade staff members that I would be working with, this is what I wore:

Sequin Striped Tee from Old Navy similar to this for $19.94.
Black Cardigan from TJ Maxx similar to this for 
Red Pants from Stitch Fix similar to these for $34.94.
Bow Flip Flops from Poshmark similar to these for $12.99.

I hope you all are having a fabulous week!! :)


  1. So exciting to get your our elementary classroom! You looks great!

  2. I cannot wait until you show us your new classroom! I love the red you added to the outfit!

  3. I love this look! I like that I can actually see myself wearing every outfit you put together.

    Kayla |

  4. You must be SO excited!! Love this outfit, cute and "classy" of course =)

  5. congratulations on the new position and new classroom my friend! I'm so happy for you! you are truly inspiring! makes me want to obtain my teaching credentials and be a teacher like you :) lol i'm always changing my mind on careers. But truly happy for you!