Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Store Review!

Our small town got another clothing store!!! Yay!!! The grand opening for the store called "Gabe's" was two weeks ago. Last week, I took the girl I nanny to the store for some back to school shopping. I was very impressed with how many designers they carry in their store and for amazing prices!! It reminded me of a more organized TJ Maxx and ten times bigger. You all know I LOVE TJ Maxx, so this store was great!

The girl I nanny found three dresses she loved and some of those cute nerd glasses. All of that was only $36!!! She goes WOW...that would be the cost of one thing at Justice. Ha! She was impressed!

I got an Express top for $9.99 and a Calvin Klein dress from $16.99!! I almost bought a pair of American Eagle jeans that were $4.99, but they were missing the button.

Overall, I thought it was a great store to shop in and I will definitely be back. The only thing you have to be careful of, is that they sell some things that have small flaws. Make sure you check over everything before buying! :)

What I wore on our shopping trip!

Pearl necklace (old) similar to this for $6.80.
Navy Lace top from J Crew Factory similar to this for $21.95.
Striped Shorts from Tommy Hilfiger Outlet similar to these for $22.94.
Brown Flats from Payless for $16.99.

Do you have a Gabe's near you? Do you like it?


  1. Yay for great clothes at great prices. Cute outfit today too!

  2. Sounds like a great new place to shop!! Love this outfit, navy and white make a great combination.

  3. Sounds like you got some great deals there! Wish they had those stores in TX! I love the navy top you wore there, the lace is so pretty :)

  4. Such a classy look Amy! Loving that lace top :)

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  5. I LOVE Gabe's. My grandparents lived in Western Maryland, and I grew up going to Gabe's. In fact, I STILL have a pair of white Express pants that I got in middle school. They had a tiny ink stain on them that I got out with hairspray. I think they're the oldest thing in my closet that still fits like a dream :) Anyway, I love Gabe's and your outfit.

  6. Where is it in town? My daughter returns to school this weekend, and I don't think she knew about it. I'll have to tell her. Her and her friends are always wanting some other place to shop since there isn't too much of a selection there.

    1. Tell your daughter it's across from Hobby Lobby, near the Mall! She definitely needs to check it out! It's huge! They have everything!

    2. I'll let her know! That's close to their house. Thanks! Have a good first week of school. We start the following week which is unusual for us as we are usually the first in the area to go back. Now we're the last.

  7. I've never heard of Gabe's but it definitely sounds like a store for me. Now that I have a baby, i gotta be careful of my spending! Hopefully sacramento will soon open one or maybe we have one for all I know. Cute little outfit and great role model you are to the little girl you nanny!