Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pink and Floral!

This week is our school's Talent Show! I'm so excited to watch our talented students perform. I peeked in during their practices and helped out a little bit. I was so impressed with some of the talent I saw. It's going to be so fun to watch! The teachers are doing a surprise act for the students and they have no idea what it is. We are doing the Harlem Shake! Ha! It's going to be awesome and so funny! Our practice is this morning before school. The students are going to love it!!!!

Floral Shirt from Kohl's for $17.60.
Pink Bubble necklace from Amazon for $9.99.
Pink Crop Pants from American Eagle similar to these for $49.95.
White sandals from TJ Maxx similar to these cute ones for $9.95.

What fun things are you doing or have you done for the end of your school year?


  1. the talent show sound like a lot of funny

  2. Awesome! We do the same thing. The kids put on a talent show on the last day of school, and last year was the first time that the teachers came out and did surprise acts. We had 3 short acts from groups of teachers and then we all came out at the end and did Gangham Style! We are doing something again this year too, it's so fun!