Thursday, May 15, 2014

I Love Scalloped Anything!

Anything piece of clothing that I see with a scalloped edge, I have to buy. I just bought this shirt at TJ Maxx about two months ago and I had to get it in both colors that they had. I love it so much! It's so classy.
I love having things to look forward to! This weekend I'm going to my friend's bachelorette party. I can't wait to be reunited with some of my best friends and spend the weekend together. I will give you all a recap next week of the weekend. Saturday all of the girls are wearing our little black dresses and the bride-to-be is wearing a white and sparkly dress! I can't wait!!! Do you like having things to look forward to?

Red Scalloped Blouse from TJ Maxx similar to this for $14.22.
White Floral Necklace from Amazon for $15.99.
Jeans from Goodwill similar to these for $28.
Floral Flats from TJ Maxx similar to these for $14.99.

My favorite time of year is when the trees bloom and they are white. The trees line the sides of our street and it is just breathtaking driving through it. I love the spring time! I just couldn't crop the beautiful tree out of my picture. I also couldn't crop out the little neighbor boys who live behind us. Ha!


  1. I love flowering trees, they are so pretty. I was so excited that the trees were blooming when we got our engagement photos taken. Have fun at the bachelorette party! I'm going to one this weekend too!

  2. Loove that necklace paired with that top! You always have the CUTEST outfits!

  3. I plan on going out to dinner and the movie tomorrow. You look great