Monday, October 21, 2013

A Sweet Weekend!

I hope everyone had a sweet weekend because Sweetest Day was on Saturday. If you have never heard of Sweetest Day before, it's a holiday that Hallmark came up with just to make some money. Wally and I never really celebrate it, but every year I bake sweets for my sweet on Sweetest Day! :) This year I made Camouflage Cupcakes and it was so much fun and Wally was very impressed. He loved them not only because they were camo, but because they tasted "deeeeelish" (his words exactly).

Again here is some blue and gold school colors!
Cream top with gold sequin polka dots from Old Navy for $19.94.
Blue High Waisted Wide Leg pant from Forever 21 similar to these for $24.50.
Cream Low Heel Slingbacks from TJ Maxx similar to these for $30.09

Camo Cupcakes
I got the idea from Pinterest! :)

Have a great week everybody!!!


  1. Sweet indeed! I love the camo cupcakes and your high waisted pants.

  2. Those look really yummy! And your pants are so cute! They make you look so tall!


  3. i love that shirt! and what fun cupcakes!

  4. I've never heard of this "holiday" before, but you cupcakes look awesome! Love your outfit, those pants look great on you!

  5. Love that top! I'm sure all my boys (hubby included!) would love those cupcakes!

  6. I love this entire outfit, especially the wide leg pants. Also, those cupcakes are awesome!

  7. I have this same top, and I love how you styled it. I might just have to try it with one of my five cobalt bottoms. (I may or may not have a cobalt problem....)

    I have NEVER heard of this holiday. I learned something new today :)

  8. those pants! =D I own more than 5 blue pieces that same color (such a nice color). The color goes great with gold and white..Your cupcakes are so creative! I bet they were yummy ..I so want one

  9. Loveeeeeee this look, Amy! And those cupcakes look amazing!

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