Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy bloggers!! I spoiled my mom yesterday with some cute finds from TJ Maxx!! She absolutely loved them! This past week at school we made some cute Mother's Day crafts. I kind of got the idea from two different pins from Pinterest. They turned out SOOO cute!! We had a Mother's Day Tea Party on Friday and all of the moms and grandmas came in to the class. I have a student who is allergic to eggs, so I had to think of some treat that he could have and wouldn't feel left out. Cookies and cakes have egg in them, so I had to get creative. I thought for awhile and then it popped into my head RICE CRISPY TREATS!! Who doesn't love those? It was a hit! They all loved them and I got juice boxes too. I had the students write a short book about their moms or grandmas, why they love them, thanking them, etc. They each got up and read them to all of our guests and the class. It was so sweet and funny too. One child wrote, "My mom loves to eat Doritos." Haha. I loved hearing what they wrote.

Have a wonderful week everyone!
 Forever 21 sunglasses (few years ago) similar to these for $5.50.
Green Bib Necklace from Amazon (NOW) for $15.99.
Navy and White Crew Neck from TJ Maxx (last year) similar to this for $12.
Navy Cardigan from Forever 21 (old) similar to this for $13.98.
Gray Skirt from TJ Maxx (last year) similar to this for $24.99. This skirt is like a shorter maxi skirt. It's soooo comfortable! Definitely recommended!
Gray Flats from Delias (old) similar to these for $19.99.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Those drawings are so cute. Yesterday kids read letters about their moms, it was Sooo sweet. In glad you're passionate about what you do :-) nice cardigan, I should to get some like that :-)


  2. Loove your outfit! As always :)

  3. Cute look and I love the necklace!

  4. Beautiful Outfit! The green Necklace work so great with the Shirt!
    new Follower :)

    Lovely Greetings from Austria :)

  5. those flower pots are so cute! and i love your green necklace!

  6. omg I had those same sunglasses once! I lost them though :( I was so bummed! lol you look so cute..I need a green bib necklace like yours! <3