Sunday, January 27, 2013

*Bundle Up*

This past week I started my very first long term substitue job (3 whole weeks). It's nice being in the same school with the same class every day. Well, we didn't have school Monday for MLK Day and we had two 2-hour delays for extremely cold temperatures. All I wanted to do was stay in my warm bed, but that wasn't going to happen, so I aimed for warmth this week!! Stay warm everybody because it looks like snow/rain/sleet/hail is coming for us tonight. YIKES!
Fair Isle Cardigan from Forever 21(Christmas present) $34.80
White Button Down from Wet Seal (this year) $10.50 here is one like it.
Khaki Skinny Jeans from Wet Seal (this year) $24.99
Now, I don't normally like shopping at Wet Seal, but sometimes I get on the website and find some great deals on classy items!
Chestnut Tall Ugg Boots $195 My mom and I share these, so we get double the use out of them. They were definitely worth every penny!
Simple Pearl Earrings (not real) were a gift from my fabulous friend Angie about 3 years ago! :)

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