Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Black and Blue Can Be Cute

The shoe of the day (I wish!):
Every year for Christmas I get the 365 Days of Shoes Calendar from Colin. ;) He knows me so well! This year he got me the desk calendar of it too! I absolutely love this gold sandal for today, if only it was warm enough to wear cute strappy sandals! The weather can't make up it's mind lately. Today, I wore a black, gray, and bright blue outfit. I had two of my very sweet 3rd grade students take this picture of me today! I just can't get enough of how much they love to be helpful! I used to think black and blue was a definite NO, but I believe if the blue brightens up the black, it looks very CLASSY (my favorite word)!! How do you all feel about wearing black and blue together?
Bright blue headband is from Walmart (2 years ago) $3.56 for a 6-pack!
Black and Silver Necklace is from Forever 21 (last year) like this one $6.80
Basic Royal Blue Long Sleeve from Forever 21 (last year) $9.80
Gray Ruffle Sweater from Eddie Bauer Clearance (last year) $29.99
Jessica Simpson Black Dress Pant (last year) $44.00 These are super cute too even though they aren't the same ones as last year and they come in white!!
Liz Claiborne Gray Herringbone Heels from TJMaxx (NOW) $29.99! I used to never wear heels to school because I couldn't get through the day without my feet killing me, so I got these because the heels are mid-size and they are thicker. Surprisingly they are SO comfortable and my feet last me the whole day! It's a miracle!!


  1. I just found this blog and I think it's so cute! I love this outfit, and I'm a teacher too, so I will definitely be stealing ideas from you :)

    xoxo Erin

    1. Yay!!! Thank you and you can steal looks from me anytime! :)

  2. Cute outfit! Love the cardigan and your necklace!