Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter Blue

This past week was crazy busy, so I enjoyed a relaxing weekend. I did some Christmas shopping and watched the Ohio State game with Colin and his family. It was fun! I also, got to catch up on some Hallmark Christmas movies (my favorite). :)

This coming week isn't supposed to be too busy, so we will see how it turns out! I'm excited to start a new readers theater with my class for Christmas. They did so good on the one we read during Halloween week, I know they will do even better with this one!

Gray Loft Sweater from Goodwill similar to this for $39.
Striped Shirt from TJ Maxx similar to this for $8.
Blue Pants from Goodwill similar to these for $39.94.
Gray flats from Delias similar to these for $10.99.

We haven't had much snow, but I'm dreaming of a white Christmas in this outfit!! 

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  1. Wow you found that loft sweater at goodwill? Thats a great find! I love christmas movies and want to see new ones. I gotta check out those hallmark ones :) You look classy and cute as always!