Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spirit Week: Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! The weather here was beautiful, so it was hard not to enjoy it! 
This week is spirit week before the students take their state tests next week. We try to make school fun and take their mind off of big tests. We had "pajama day" on Monday and "dress your best" on Tuesday for picture day. Today was "dress like your favorite book character". We had some fun with this day. There are so many book characters in the world, I only knew a few of the ones that some of the students dressed up as. I dressed up like Madeline. I always loved Madeline growing up. It was a really easy outfit to come up with too! I already had most of the outfit!

From left to right: Madeline, Cowgirls, Mary Poppins

Tomorrow is wear your favorite sports team! Have a great day everyone!!


  1. SO SO cute! you are the best teacher!!

  2. This Madeline outfit is adorable! I love all the fun you guys have at your school!

  3. Okay, that is just too cute. Love the creative idea too!


  4. Hi! Love your outfit- it's adorable! I'm also dressing up as Madeline for book character day this month. May I ask where you got the blue dress? It's perfect!