Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Houndstooth

Today, our students had a scheduled 2-hour delay. The teachers had a meeting and training. I was a little jealous of our students haha. This year the staff is required to take a two hour youth suicide prevention course. It was a pretty depressing way to start off the day, but I would do anything to prevent that from ever happening to our kids.

Do all teachers carry huge purses and bags everywhere you go? I feel like I'm always carrying the biggest bags with everything in them, but it's still very organized. I can't stand when I can't find that one thing I need when I'm digging through my bags. Ha. It still happens, even when it's organized. When I was trying on clothes the other day, I noticed my shoulder was red and then I realized it was my huge purse. Ha. Does this happen to anyone else?

Last night we put our tree up and decorated our house! We are officially ready for the holidays!

Pearl and Rhinestone necklace from Forever 21 similar to this for $10.80.
Black Turtle Neck Sweater from Forever 21 similar to this for $14.99.
Red and Black Long Sleeve Houndstooth Dress from SheInside similar to this for $32.79.
Black Tights from Target for $4.75.
Black and Bling Flats from TJ Maxx similar to these for $27.99.

Here are some of my classroom decorations!! I love Christmas!

Yes, I have zebra Christmas ornaments to match the classroom!
Have a classy day everyone!!


  1. Amy, your classroom is so cute! If I didn't think my high schoolers would draw male genitalia all over my decorations, I'd have at it. Of course, my classroom still wouldn't look half as good as yours does. And, yes, the same thing happens to me with my bags. I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder more than one time because I've picked up my heavy bags the wrong way. It's sad, really. Oh, the things we do for our kiddies!

  2. Such a cute look! I'm with you on big bags, they are a must :) love your tree, I really need to put my classroom on up.

  3. Oh my gosh, tech the halls! I love it, so cute!

  4. The classroom decor looks perfect :) Love the creativeness with tech the halls and of course your zebra print! I try to limit the items in my handbag to eliminate any heaviness. But I know what you mean because sometimes I tend to throw everything in my LV and my wrist turns red since it's a little heavy. You look so cute and festive! Adore xoxo

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  6. your classroom is super cute. I don't carry a huge bag but I have to carry it on my left. Otherwise I feel weird.

  7. You have the cutest classroom ever! And I am loving that houndstooth skirt!! Is it a dress or skirt? Cute!! Susan

  8. I know what you mean about the big bag and never being able to find anything! Haha I can never seem to find my keys and it frustrates Jordan to no end. :) Love the red houndstooth. Miss you!

  9. I've seen the lighted tree bulletin board all over Pinterest. It's so cute! How did you get the lights to stay up? What grade do you teach? I left you a comment on your About Me page.

    1. I just used clear tape and it hasn't fallen and I haven't had to fix it since I put it up! "Knock on wood" I teach 3rd-5th grades :)

  10. Love this festive look and your festive classroom!

  11. So cute, outfit, decorations, trees, everything. The skirt is fab! Big, heavy purses do the same to my shoulders.