Monday, November 18, 2013

Camo Style!

We had a crazy wind storm last night. I was so worried about Wally driving home from work in it. He's safe don't worry! Our temperatures yesterday were oddly warm. It didn't feel right, but it was nice until we had a tornado watch. I'm terrified of bad storms and tornadoes. I always tell Wally that whenever we get a house it MUST HAVE a basement to keep us safe from bad storms. Are any of you afraid of tornadoes??

I spent my weekend Christmas shopping and spending time with my parents. My mom and I bought a tree and decorations for my classroom. I can't wait to put them up. Then, Pat, mom, and I went to Salvation Army (we call it "Salvo") and got some ugly Christmas sweaters for our "1st Annual Ugly Sweater Family Christmas" this year! They are pretty tacky! Haha! It was so fun picking them out. Lots of laughs!

Pat took his girls out to dinner Saturday night. We went to Olive Garden! YUM! While we were there, I overheard a couple talking about how everyone is putting up their Christmas decorations so early this year and how they were ready to put up there's too. Everyone is just ready to have something to be happy about! The holiday cheer is definitely spreading!!! Is everyone around your town decorating for Christmas already too??

Camo Cardigan from Forever 21 similar to this one for $24.80.
Paris Boutique Graphic Tee from SheInside for $20.97
Black Skinny Pants from TJ Maxx similar to these for $20.80
Gold Studded Booties from Poshmark (JustFab) similar to these for $39.94.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend! Let's get this week before Thanksgiving Break started!!


  1. This outfit is so cute! I love everything about it! Glad to hear the storms passed and everyone was ok. I am not in the Christmas spirit yet, but I will be as soon as Thanksgiving is over :)

  2. What a fun cardigan! It looks better on you than the F21 model!

  3. Oh your sweater looks so cute and cozy! I think a lot of people are decorating a little earlier this year since there's less than a month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is crazy!

  4. oh my goodness! this is another one of my favorite outfits you have created! <3 Love the camo and those booties! ahhh such a trendy adorable look. I heard about the tornados and it worries me you live near that! :( I hope you and your family have a basement girly. I'm soo ready to put the christmas decor out already. Jason thinks i'm silly. He told me to wait until thanksgiving is over LOL

  5. your cardigan is super cute. Glad you are safe

  6. Sounds like a great time :) loving your booties :)

  7. I love camo!! its honestly my fav right now but my boss wont let me wear it because where we will camo means hunting season not cuteness! either way you are so fabulous in yours!! keep on rocking it!!

  8. Another awesome cardigan and I love your graphic tee, also.