Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Fun!

The week before Christmas break, we did a lot of fun holiday activities in the classroom! We did Christmas Around the World and had fun activities for each country we "visited".We decorated stockings (paper bags) and everyone brought in stocking stuffers for the whole class, whether it was a pencil for everyone, a card for everyone, a piece of candy, etc. They had so much fun opening their stockings on Friday!

Plaid Infinity Scarf from Gabe's similar to this for $15.99.
Lace Sweater from Forever 21 for $27.90.
Red pants from Forever 21 similar to these for $15.90.
Leg Warmers (gift) similar to these for $3.69.
Breckelle's Boots from Amazon for $23.38.

 In our class we had Grinch Day! We all wore green and I hung green streamers from the door. Every worksheet was copied on green paper. We also did a Grinch mystery number picture and I gave them all green candy canes. We had a lot of Grinchy Fun!

We have been working hard on our doubles addition facts! We made "double mints"! They loved it because the end result looked just like a mint! :)

On Friday, we had the cutest little treat and I got some very sweet and thoughtful presents from my lovely students. It melted my heart how thoughtful their gifts were.

I absolutely LOVE my job! What fun holiday activities did you do in your classroom?


  1. I'm so glad school is going so well! Cute outfit today too!

  2. That's so cute! I had some students this semester who were Jehovah's Witnesses so I was not allowed to do anything holiday related. We usually do an "eighth grade reading" of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" where they look for figurative language and literary devices, then use persuasive writing and debate skills to put the Grinch on trial.

  3. This was adorable,great grinch activites(: and such a perfect outfit,too! The lace touch was perfect,and the red was awesome.

  4. I saw all your Grinch Day posts, I love that idea! We had Winter Holidays Around The World yesterday with all our first and second graders. They made little suitcases and passports and did a craft to go with each country, it was so cute! Today is our last day of school before break. Merry Christmas!

  5. This is just so cute! I love your classroom activities, and your outfit is gorgeous! Merry Christmas, love! Xoxo.