Monday, June 30, 2014

SLANT Box Reveal!

The SLANT Box Exchange

I should have posted this last week, but I'm posting it now! At least I'm posting it! Ha! This was my second time Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers (SLANT). It's such an amazing thing because it honestly is like meeting your best friends who you have so much in common with and sending them gifts like it's Christmas. It's just a little way of showing amazing teachers our appreciation. The month of May, I met two fabulous teachers. The theme of the SLANT box was everything is personalized. Everything they like you include it in the SLANT box and at least one thing had to have their monogram on it. The person I sent love to was Arielle from Technically Librarian. We both share a love for technology! I loved getting to know her and picking things out for her and for her classroom. The Library Diva, Tula is the wonderful teacher who sent me love in the month of May. Let me tell you, she knows me too well. We love a lot of the same things. Just look at the things she got me!!!!! My jaw dropped at how perfect everything was!!!

I'm obsessed!!!! I've already used this bag when I went to the lake and when I nanny my two sweet girls! It's perfect!! She did an awesome job and everything goes together so well. Thank you Tula!!!!

If you want to sign up for a SLANT box keep checking Lessons With Coffee blog at the end or beginning of each month.

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