Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Walking in a Tulle Wonderland

Today, Miss Renaaye and I are flaunting our absolute favorite holiday look, TULLE SKIRTS! We knew we wanted to do tulle skirts and we both LOVE Christmas, so we had to make it a holiday outfit. We found our fabulous skirts on Amazon for only $12.62 and it comes in six different colors!!!! I got it in white and Renee got it in black. I absolutely love how classy and beautiful they look. I think we both were in "awe" seeing these skirts. I honestly felt like a princess and I wanted to twirl! It's perfect for the holidays!

I'm so excited to be teaming up with Miss Renaaye once again. I envy her style. She always looks gorgeous from head to toe! Not only is she an inspiring fashion blogger, but she has come to be a great friend of mine. You need to go check out her blog and her outfit details at Let's Talk Fashion.

This is the last week of school before we have two weeks off. We have done so much fun things. In Tech class, I let the students have free choice on any device (They never get free choice. You should have seen the excited look on their faces.). In Title 1 Reading, we have read "The Polar Express" and we enjoyed hot chocolate with marshmallows. Also, we have been reading some Christmas poems/songs. Last night, I went out to get my students presents. I ended up getting the cutest treat bags and lots of goodies to put inside of them. I hope they enjoy them!

Jeweled collar shirt from Forever 21 similar to this for $15.99.
Basic Black long sleeve from Forever 21 similar to this for $6.80.
Black Wide Belt with Gold Buckle from Forever 21 similar to this for $7.80.
Tulle Skirt from Amazon for $12.62.
Black Tights for $4.80.
Steve Madden Patent Heels with Red Strap and Gold Buckle similar to these for $29.99.

After writing this post I'm even more in love and obsessed with tulle skirts! Got get yourself one this holiday season!
What holiday trends are you loving??


  1. you look great. I bet your students will love there treat bags.

  2. Love our Tulle Skirts and the price we paid! You are so lucky you get two weeks off and your students will like their present they get from their awesome teacher. Again i'm loving your entire look! The Tulle, the snow, the beautiful jeweled collar...everything! so pretty!

  3. Love this tulle duo! Tulle is definitely a fave of mine this season. You both look gorgeous!!! I love how you stuck with classic black and a wide belt-AMAZING!!!!

    New reader…
    XO Barbie
    The Parlor Girl

  4. what a great find! it is so pretty!!

  5. So fun! I can't believe the deal you got too!

  6. Such a fun, festive outfit!

    -Lindsey & Amanda
    Oh Buoy Boston

  7. Ahh you look amazing! I love how the white skirt looks with your black tights!

  8. These skirts are so fun!

  9. Oh Amy you look amazing!!! I have to get one of these skirts for my daughter!! She would love it!! Susan

  10. You both look amazing. WOW! I agree Tulle Skirts are perfect for the Holidays and the price you ladies got yours! I own a Black one and a Brown one.