Friday, February 1, 2013


Sometimes, I just absolutely love to wear my hair all up, off my neck, and out of my face! It just feels so much better. The sock bun is perfect for this! Now, as you can see, my sock bun is quite big because I have BIG hair! Haha! I still love it! Another thing I LOVE are my leopard flats!!!!! All of my friends and I agree that our leopard flats are definitely the go-to shoe. Whenever we have an outfit and we don't know which flats to wear with them, we go with the leopard flats! They go with everything and I really recommend to anyone that you should own a pair of leopard flats. I love this look because it's so classy and comfy for teaching on my feet all day long! Of course I had to get a side view of the sock bun too with my Baby Bear! Love him! I think it makes me look taller, which means I'm taller than my students for once! YAY! :) Have a wonderful Super Bowl Weekend everyone!!! We are stocking up on the football game snacks, if you didn't already notice, on the counter, in my picture! Haha!

Sock Bun Tutorial that I found was the easiest!
Pearl Clip-On Earrings from Forever 21 (Last year) $3.80
 Bright Orange Blouse from Forever 21 (Last year) like this one for $19.80
Reversible Leopard Patent Skinny Belt from Kohls (Last year) like this set for $26.00
High-Waisted Khaki Ankle Pants from Forever 21 (Last year) $22.80
Lauren Conrad Leopard Flats from Kohls on clearance for $7.99!! These are cute too for $19.80!


  1. I love a good pair of leopard flats! Those are so cute--and for $7.99? That's fantastic!

    1. I know they were a steal!!! Kohls always has great deals!!

  2. You look gorgeous, Amy and I'm so envious of your bun!


    1. Thank you so much!!! Haha I'm so glad you like the bun! I feel like it never looks right or it's too big! That makes my day!!