Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back To School!!

Yesterday was our first day back to school and it was an amazing day! All of the kids were as excited as the teachers were. I was crazy busy all day, but it was a blast. We had to wear our school's Leadership- 7 Habits shirts on the first day, so today I get to wear my "real" first day of school outfit. Haha. I had it planned before they told us we had to wear the t-shirts. Did you ever plan your first day of school outfits in school and take first day of school pictures? I've always loved wearing my new school clothes and new school shoes, even as a teacher. Ha.

Colorful Dress from TJ Maxx (NOW) similar to this for $30
Brown Skinny Belt from Forever 21 (old) similar to this for $5.80.
Tribal Neon Bangles from Love Culture (NOW) $11.90.
Brown/Teal/Gold Flats from TJ Maxx similar to these for $19.80.

Tonight I'm going to my friend's Premier Jewelry and Tastefully Simple Party. I'm excited to look at jewelry and eat some yummy food with some great girls. :)


  1. this dress is gorgeous on u! love the pattern :)

    XO Meghan

  2. glad your first day went well! i love that dress!

  3. Adorable dress!!! You always have such great TJ Maxx finds. I need you to come shopping with me haha :)

  4. I'm happy to hear it went well. I still put a lot of thought into my first day outfit. I really like your dress and shoes!

  5. we have pics of the kids with their backbacks on, waving at the camera every year. my parents did the same!! how fun...you look so cute, and i bet it was a fun day!

  6. YOU have convinced me that I need to go to TJ MAXX more often! Susan

  7. Yep! I'm in my second year of graduate school and I still take a first day of school photo and send it to my parents :) I really like your first day of school outfit - what a pretty dress!


  8. I always loved planning my first day of school outfits too! You look so cute!

    If you get a chance, please vote for me in the Wallis contest! http://bit.ly/15vLhMj


  9. You look Beautiful Amy. I love the Outfit for your first day back to school. It all has a Chic, Calm, Pretty & Easy Bohemian feel to it. Those Shoes are great too.

    Good Luck on your new school year of teaching!

  10. Gorgeous! This is such a beautiful dress on a classy teacher like yourself. The flats compliment the colors in this dress so well! <3 my first day of school is coming up on Tuesday and I'm planning my college outfit out lol well done on this outfit missy